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  1. RT @salimosaid: 🔵🟠 Bryson Raphael 🚀 #LigiKuuTanzaniaBara

  2. @Paktyaw4l Makes me so sad reading the replies to the tweet by Jane Ferguson - everyone accusing Taliban when they…

  3. Excellent article. I'd be surprised if Taliban leadership agreed to an extension beyond May though. Their fighters…

  4. RT @PunHubOnline:

  5. RT @nocontextfm1: Playing your striker with a bruised ankle in the Champions League final

  6. Yesss Colin!! #houseofgames

  7. By the way 32 fouls in the first half of this game is disgusting.

  8. Our first European silverware with Forest!!! #FM21

  9. At one point I was in 2nd place which is hard to believe.

  10. RT @salimosaid: 🦁 Luis Miquissone 🚀🚀🚀 #NguvuMoja #CAFCL

  11. RT @Rupert_Fryer: Rodinei (on loan to inter *from* Flamengo, and only able to pay after an Inter supporter stumped up the cash to pay the f…

  12. Nah man, come on. VAR should be telling him to overturn it never mind him changing his mind. Shocking decision.

  13. Let's go Katherine. #Lightning

  14. So @SecondYellowCrd showed a great way of finding young talent by filtering the player search to show players with…