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  1. RT @OrlaithDoran: Asked my dad to send a pic of my parcel before asking about his interview and there was clearly a miscommunication https:…

  2. @Stillberto Reading the Brazilian FA wanted the game to go ahead. Goias got an injunction to get it postponed. Madness.

  3. RT @cworswick: Gabriel Ochoa Uribe, the Colombian league's most successful manager, has died at the age of 90 in Cali where he'd been ill i…

  4. @PragmaticFrog Oooh. There's odd rules about playing at least 1 16 year old, 2 17 year olds and 3 players 18 years…

  5. RT @cesarhfutbol: Xolos going with the 4-4-4 formation with their manager as the RB and their goalkeeper as the left winger. Risky.

  6. Long John Sheila has killed me off completely #neighbours

  7. RT @MarkGrainger: Blimey, he's setting off early this year.

  8. Uruguayan magic. #FM20

  9. A little bit of Uruguayan magic at Stoke for the foreseeable. 🔥🔥🔥 #FM20

  10. RT @CallumEakins1: Kurt Maflin was on course for a 147 when the yellow had other ideas. He wasn’t pleased 😂 #worldsnookerchampionship https…

  11. RT @sushi_football: No big deal, just YSCC playing FIVE FORWARDS against league leaders Blaublitz Akita (they’ve also got five forwards on…

  12. RT @wolfxmobz1: “tHe uK iS nOt rAcIsT"

  13. @m_kirby95 GOLL! One more for you. Come on Italy.

  14. Me at 23:59.

  15. My striker last season when we were in the prem..3 goals in 32. This season in the C/Ship....30 in 34. #FM20

  16. RT @helxn: Karen, I've got a cat with no pulse

  17. Drew knows!! He bloody knows. #HolbyCity

  18. Final day of the Syrian season later on today. Tishreen just need to beat Karamah for their first title since 1997!…

  19. @Warringtini @ChesterFC Prem winners by 2030!

  20. This commentator needs to meet Bambino Pons!

  21. My last 3 games on FM have seen the AI manage 71 shots combined and I've had 19 combined. We've won all 3. #FM20

  22. RT @FMRensie: 🆕📰 I set the mentoring groups within my #FM20 save for the whole season and I monitored what happened ⌛️ (My) Mentoring in…

  23. @halesgerman Sweet dreams.

  24. Awwww Richie, what a lad. #Neighbours

  25. RT @BeardedGenius: Can’t believe Maguire said “He’s apologised in there. He’s held his hands up”