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  1. @laurter23_ There is next week though!! Should be finished by 7.30 though.

  2. RT @claytsfm: Well we'll see about that won't we, Trevor!

  3. @laurter23_ Ooh enjoy. I'll catch up tomorrow. I hope you guess the killer correctly x

  4. @laurter23_ I love the cat. ♥

  5. RT @nocontextfm1: WHAT IS THIS

  6. I still can't believe Pompei gave this a yellow card.

  7. Oh man this is such a slog. 5 of the last 6 games though we've been the better team, just lacking that bit of luck.…

  8. Harsh on Biden.

  9. Carrascal, what an idiot.

  10. @FM__Addict Only seen that if you've added leagues the previous season.

  11. RT @nocontextfm1: Me: "Mum, can we have Yaya Toure?" Mum: "We've got Yaya Toure at home." Yaya Toure at home:

  12. Jableh make it 1-1. Fan runs onto the pitch to celebrated...but decides to attack the refe…

  13. @laurter23_ She has the most beautiful smile as well.

  14. RT @SimpsonsQOTD: “Ooh, January 1st. Better get going on those taxes, Neddy!”

  15. Todd is such a horrible snake man. #Corrie