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  1. We won't go up but oh my God I dunno how we've done it. #FM19

  2. RT @matthew_doe: Buy a sausage roll

  3. RT @HongKongFP: A video widely shared online on Sunday afternoon shows protesters rescuing a person from arrest outside Mong Kok's Grand Pl…

  4. 3-0 loss second leg. Gutted, fuming, seething. #FM19

  5. @QueenOfSwots I was starting to warm to him but the way he treated Mackenzie and Harlow today, nah, get rid.

  6. Dolphins started off OK but when Jason Oakes fell for a very well made 55, that was it. 161 all out, a loss by 129…

  7. RT @KenBorland: Junior Dala has probably overdone the short ball but that is an absolute brute that nearly takes Okuhle Cele's head off, be…

  8. RT @KeithFC: Keith 2 - 3 Brora Rangers 71:54: Keith have scored with Keith hitting the back of the net.

  9. Grant Roelofsen has failed a concussion test so he is done for the game. Jason Oakes has replaced him.

  10. RT @Jami_Rae: Sometimes all you need is a little love. 😸💖

  11. Titans close on 316/5. A tough day for Dolphins. Brand 106, Behardien 61* Davids 55, Thomson 50. For Dolphins, Dupa…

  12. I think for the first time I've just seen a striker on #FM19 go in one on one and square it for a tap in. Needs to happen way more often.

  13. McGillivray took 5-27 for Gauteng.

  14. KZ-Natal bowled out SWD for 272 - a lead of 13. There were contributions from Karelse, Christoffels and Hornbuckle.…

  15. Wow Mark, that was awful. First time I've genuinely felt for Roxy. #neighbours