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  1. RT @nocontextfm1: When you schedule a Team Bonding session but the dynamics don't get any better

  2. @SicilianCalcio Yeah I've been reading some ACR Messina ultras have switched to the other one so it makes more sens…

  3. RT @nocontextfm1: 1v1s in FM20

  4. RT @_byrney: Yo @BBCSport - which one's more controversial, a penalty given during a game, or a penalty given after the final whistle? htt…

  5. RT @philhaigh_: Ant McGill gone full Walter White since the Worlds. I'm a fan. He's made three centuries so far this event, so he's not br…

  6. RT @willjamieson75: @FootballOranje_ Fascinating story. I’m glad you decided to keep the fans in the lube.

  7. So sad. RIP.

  8. RT @Wrexham_AFC: SGM | Name of potential investors revealed following vote. More here 👉 🔴⚪️ #WxmAFC…

  9. RT @SuzanneSues57: Amid Afghanistan Negotiations, the Taliban Are Striking Gold

  10. RT @theonejoeyd: Yikes, terrible

  11. @salimosaid @geoffiejeff Been watching highlights of Simba's games and they play some stunning football.

  12. @JSoccerMagazine @TheIFAB My bad, they were old rules. New rules that came into force 1st June 2020 show the ref wa…

  13. RT @PunHubOnline:

  14. But they burn down schools according to the west???

  15. RT @Paktyaw4l: In #Ghazni Taliban claim to have captured 80 kg gold, worth 4.1 million euros ($4.8 million USD).