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  1. @daveazzopardi Decent stats but I can't afford your wages. Gutted. Would've done a job for me.

  2. @Ayew4ballondor @FootballManager Hope you've fixed it but if not what operating system do you have?

  3. @FM_Tregz Striker for me personally

  4. Gutted. Great striker for Rangers. RIP.

  5. 👏👏👏👏

  6. This is RIDICULOUS now. We're utter shit but we keep eking out results. #FM20

  7. What a way to get our first point of the season. #FM20

  8. @FMRensie A question about additional focus - when players moan about it not being useful, do you just ignore it as…

  9. RT @Matt_Alt: The Japanese government isn't really testing, promoting isolation, or releasing any real data, but they've certainly poured a…

  10. RT @marthuggggg: me sneaking out of quarantine to visit my friends bc I’m bored and miss them

  11. @NanaKoj87117458 @GhanaLeague Olympics v Liberty

  12. Got the Cardiff job. Will take over at end of the season. Hopefully they stay in the Championship. #FM20

  13. Worse than North Korea tbh.