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  1. Awesome from Afghanistan.

  2. RT @NickTatham22: That’s it! All over! Bavuma the last man out for an incredible 180! First win at the Oval for the Dolphins since 2007.…

  3. RT @DanEdwardsGoal: The owner of a high-end Argentine clothing brand is in trouble for dropping a pig from a helicopter into a swimming poo…

  4. RT @seankyaroru: Scott McIntyre’s trial just concluded in Tokyo. He was given a six-month suspended sentence with three years probation. He…

  5. Absolutely delighted to finish in 14th place. Yasumoto ended up with 12 goals in 14 appearances. Without him I don'…

  6. @PEFIORENTINA Idrissa Toure? Had him on FM for Siena.

  7. When you're down there....#FM20

  8. RT @nufcflynn: In the middle of League One

  9. @FMheathen The board want us to get through again though and win a trophy and challenge for the league title. Gonna be very difficult.

  10. @hutchfm 35 haha. He came on and changed the game against me, the bastard.

  11. One episode in...still didn't get the killer right. Good start. #DeathInParadise

  12. RT @PrettyBadLefty: Can't believe Iran retaliated against US terrorism

  13. I have a new job!!! #FM20

  14. A loss to Sampdoria in my next game and I'm a goner here. #FM20

  15. @FMheathen Oh yeah haha. Blind as a bat. Yeah, kinda like only so much good you can do before you say you know what…