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  1. RT @FaeroskFodbold: This ball boy got the coldest seat in the stadium. 🥶🇫🇴

  2. @golazoargentino I presume it can't be called off or else we'd forfeit the 3 points?

  3. Can we start the season next week?

  4. RT @CaliJ98: Ladies and Gents, The 2 voices of Paul Cook. #wafc

  5. @FayeIvyMay1 She's my second favourite because of her amazing voice in 'The Lonely Goatherd'.

  6. RT @siberian_times: The more old-fashioned reading of 'catwalk' from streets of Novosibirsk by photographer Tatyana Kholodnaya…

  7. 95th minute equaliser ruled out via VAR. It was extremely close but just offside. Gutted.

  8. VAR in Uzbekistan decided that this was ONSIDE. Not convinced, personally.

  9. @OkinawaOzzy @J_League_En Verdy vs Mito or Okayama vs Jubilo I reckon.

  10. RT @sebinomics: 🇯🇵⚽️🎓Hey #jleague fans, I'm doing academic research on the perceived brand globalness of the @J_League_En and its effect on…

  11. First pen: soft, but seen them given. Red card: There is a flailing arm, no complaints Second pen: Not a penalty, w…

  12. FT: Gifu 4-0 Sanuki FT. A very pleasing result for Gifu. Sanuki offered very little but Gifu were worthy winners an…

  13. Glad to see they've put another J2 game on this weekend.

  14. @GoGoOmiyaArdija @JTalkETJon Gutted. I'd much rather watch J2 than cup action. ☹️

  15. Absolutely heartbroken George Segal has passed away. The Goldbergs won't ever be the same again. RIP.