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  1. So on mine and @Warringtini's network game I have just won the FA Cup and Europa League with West Ham. I decided to…

  2. @FM_Tregz I see you got him from Brazil...for less than £10m?

  3. RT @FRFussballTomNJ: "I Fink we're at Ulm now. There doesn't seem to be anyone around..." 🎵

  4. Suicide figures are up 200% since lockdown. Could 2 friends please copy and re-post this tweet? We’re trying to dem…

  5. RT @HTE__Sports: Egídio esquece que está jogando futebol, aplica uma voadora no jogador do Volta Redonda e é expulso Cartão vermelho muito…

  6. Syrian picks today. Due to win one eventually. Al Taliya are far too short but Al Jazeera have thrown the towel in…

  7. RT @golazoargentino: Carlos Tevez has just confirmed that he will be staying at Boca until the end of the year and will be donating his wag…

  8. RT @danhett: I love how a fly will get into your house through a 2mm crack in a bathroom window, but can't find it's way out even if you ha…

  9. @QueenOfSwots Courtney needs to be in it on a regular basis. Brilliant episode today, probs best in a while.

  10. @QueenOfSwots Looks AMAZING!!

  11. Lovely goal that one.

  12. RT @unluckyfootie:

  13. Bournemouth are terrible but another lovely Palace goal.

  14. A small chance of the title here. #FM20

  15. Borderline red that from Ings.