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  1. @mahdi Taliban are legitimately defending their country from foreign invaders. They aren't terrorists. They weren't involved in 9/11.

  2. RT @salimosaid: Chama should have passed to the linesman, he was in a better position 🙌

  3. Class from Murray. Some ridiculous shots in the last 20 minutes.

  4. It's unlucky but clearly endangering an opponent and the ref has to send him off.

  5. @ThoughtAnalyst In my eyes it's always been all Afghans are brothers and therefore once the enemy leaves (America a…

  6. RT @nocontextfm1: Do it for the fans Do it for the media

  7. RT @Stillberto: You could say #NED are now *looks to camera* one man Ligt

  8. RT @TheInsiderPaper: Apocalyptic 🚨 Horrifying video of a massive Tornado recorded from a house in Czech Republic. According to reports abou…

  9. @DickieRAnderson @HindHassanNews Because they treat all guests who visit their country like royalty be it male or f…

  10. @zosiasmarch Next Sunday possibly as football is on next Tuesday evening.

  11. @NaveedAzad19 ♥

  12. RT @CryptoJelleNL: when the neighbors watch via a stream with a 30sec delay

  13. What a fucking goal that is.

  14. That's brilliant from Bale to be fair. Give him that.

  15. RT @CBSSportsGolazo: An own goal from Josue Duverger gives @CanadaSoccerEN the lead 😳