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  1. @Maiwand_afg12 @gul_jurat @Zabehulah_M33 Yep USA is literally bringing ISKP fighters into Afghanistan and helping t…

  2. @christina0livi4 Hello ello. Do you have a fantasy football team?

  3. RT @ABCDeportes: #ParaguayosPorElMundo Adam Bareiro quiso anotar de lujo, pero definió ¡de forma insólita! un penal para San Lorenzo en el…

  4. RT @DoingJobs: Can u read this ? . . Meow

  5. RT @ArchivoFP: El Bambino Pons cantando el golazo de Solano en la Premier.

  6. @TB6391 Ooh for us and Australia the Ashes is bigger definitely. But for one day cricket the World Cup is the pinnacle of one day cricket

  7. Oskar is just the best. #HolbyCity

  8. @sen_muthusamy congrats on the call up to the South Africa squad!!

  9. RT @mikassong: a friend in need, is a friend indeed

  10. It wasn't even his header to try and win!

  11. RT @jonnymurphyy1: HOWZAT????

  12. @Matt_At9_ @Tomsportsjourno @JamescfcBeeton2 Strong rumour Southport end it's Accrington.

  13. It's almost as though Everton want to lose.

  14. @ocincj

  15. @leigh_plays Upwards of £500k.