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  1. Conditions improving this morning @ Kingston upon Hull

  2. @SkySportsNews All the premier league are worried about is cash. What a complete bunch of idiots

  3. @UKZak @Forbes @UKZak your article on Forbes about Huawei is total garbage. I will getting the latest handset next…

  4. @GMB @piersmorgan Your only jealous coz he won't come on 'Your' show 😂😂😂

  5. @MomolandWorldw1 Hi, can you help me. I'm looking for either the cd or cd/dvd 'momoland the best.'Catalogue numbers…

  6. @MomolandEurope Hi, I'm trying to track down a copy of the cd/dvd momoland the best Korean version ak-0068 can anyone help

  7. @LivHopson @FCUnitedMcr @AmandaJayne1963 @hoppy1958 Do it now #DonatingToWin

  8. I sware by Norton tis the best. Must be thousands of these kicking about in peoples junk I have at least 5

  9. First attempt at words

  10. Yessss

  11. @Arnold_Layne @FCUnitedMcr Loved the bohs match

  12. @caj_smith Niiiice

  13. @SkySportsNews that jcl from @hashtagutd can't half waffle tough luck pal

  14. I've #justdonated to Whyteleafe Football Club. Donate on @justgiving and help raise £3000 ""

  15. @FCUnitedMcr Reno, that's what FC are all about nothing new