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  1. @BungieHelp That's clearly a Warlock with a Goldtusk. When? :)

  2. @Unknown04602094 @A_dmg04 Yeah i started 1 year ago. give me a time machine so i can "care more" you super brain.

  3. @DestinyNostalgi I don't see a difference I find the armors on both pictures pretty meh. The same assymetrical artsy stuff like always.

  4. @ComNerv566 @BungieHelp But it has my name on it.

  5. @tatejburgess @EpicDan22 @BungieHelp @Cozmo23 @A_dmg04 Cheating isn't a problem in PVE since cheaters need attentio…

  6. @DavidTwerkowitz @A_dmg04 @geoffkeighley @DestinyTheGame @gamescom It's not coming back. If it comes back it won't…

  7. @BungieHelp Until you have it fixed, since I don't want to run around with Gold. Just not my cup of tea. So please, fix it.

  8. @Bungie @Bungie I don't want anything except more "sky"green shaders with silver and white and skyblue shaders with…

  9. @Bungie Hunters with warlock dresses and Warlocks with hunter class-specific sitting emote.

  10. @DestinyTheGame Why do you hate us players?

  11. ERSCHEINUNG is wrong. We germans use ERSCHEINUNG mostly for APPEARANCE (how someone or something looks) or (GEISTER…

  12. @DestinyTheGame Give minimum distance a mod slot. It's the only pistol that's sexy enough…

  13. @Projecti18 western females (and voices), too?

  14. @VIP3R187 @BungieHelp Calm down, kid.

  15. @ApokeU @DaehyunLuv77 @PauseResetPlay @BungieHelp Technically you could consider it a mini raid. But yes, officiall…