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  1. RT @MoChatra: The launch of Liverpool's new five year kit deal with Nike is one of the most talked about commercial agreements in football…

  2. RT @HasmiHashim: Dicadangkan semua yang sertai perhimpunan menyokong Najib Razak di mahkamah pagi tadi dikurantine 14 hari selain dibuat sa…

  3. RT @AnfieldEdition: Klopp: "We still have to write a couple of more chapters for this team."

  4. RT @Tactical_Times: Jürgen Klopp. A thread. https://t.co/SwgLS2NbpI

  5. RT @netraKL: Funny that #PN is taking credit for the return of #1MDB money when one of their own stole it, kan?

  6. RT @LFC: 🏆 https://t.co/UPiT4NQoQk

  7. RT @CalvesLikeShaq: Liverpool Premier League Champions Lockscreens: a thread

  8. RT @DaveOCKOP: Klopp's message to the fans: "If you don't see how we did it for you I can't help you. Four years ago I asked you to turn fr…

  9. RT @andrewrobertso5: Can’t believe it’s been 3 years already since I signed for this great club. As a thank you to the fans I want to give…

  10. RT @MuhammadAshraff: In 20 seasons, we outspend United in 8 seasons. They outspend us on 12. And its 7 Premier League titles for them to ou…

  11. RT @McGlynnimino: If you're a supposed Liverpool fan and you aren't as happy as a pig in shit at the moment, then I genuinely feel for you.…

  12. @MelissaReddy_ the only record #LFC fans should be concern about are league titles not league points, 97 points las… https://t.co/tSeAXO4bI3

  13. @kuasasiswa late mid to late 90s mmg zaman kegemilangan industri muzik.. tak kira mainstream atau underground... ka… https://t.co/DbHHdvOUOS

  14. RT @JamesPearceLFC: Klopp on the club's production line of talent: "The dream in the long-term is that we have a team full of Scousers. Why…

  15. @pos4you Facemask 10 pasang. Custom print Hitam

  16. @twt_liverpool https://t.co/mM62H1l73h

  17. never forget where we were #LFC @LFC https://t.co/iCwsRkCPQ7

  18. @twt_liverpool vs watford.. backheel 🔥🔥🔥

  19. RT @MPBFirmino9: Millions of Liverpool fans on Twitter... Let's follow as many as we can. No Liverpool fan should have a few hundred foll…

  20. @John_W_Henry Thank you John from all of us at Official Liverpool Supporters Club Sabah

  21. @pos4you boleh tau status item EN417612215MY. Ipoh ke Kota Kinabalu.

  22. @thepatriotsasia kira @MuhyiddinYassin @NajibRazak pun dalam Bangsar Bubble la jugak kan?

  23. @kuasasiswa buat tshirt cun ni broo 🔥🔥🔥

  24. RT @f6tty: how come everything is white? https://t.co/xtYiEWTw9H

  25. @asrulmm projek Aflix on balik la ni.. kot 🤣