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  1. Cheers mate!
  2. Hi Toño, Will you be uploading LFC v Bournemouth full match? Cheers mate.
  3. Brilliant!!! Very much appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Yes it is I, the one with the longest shout in the shoutbox! Where I live there was a sports channel on tv that showed programmes from LFC TV, and I started to watch #LFCWORLD. Unfortunately the channel closed down due to lack of funds so I surfed the net and recently found this site so I can continue to watch the series. I am new to this uploading/downloading/watching footie on the net, so appologies if this is incorrect, but is this the link you are after?:- Thanks.
  5. Just like to say thanks to everyone that has uploaded a video, you have done a great job, but am I going crazy as I can't find #LFCWORLD Episode 40. Have I just missed it somewhere or has it not been uploaded yet? Can someone please help me, any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.