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  2. So Trump and his puppets are immune from this virus. πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. @Devendras4 @UniverseIce Shut up idiot

  4. @piersmorgan Dancing while people are dying you absolute cretin. Are they trying to copy those 4 guys?

  5. Mentally deranged American

  6. @checkmates11 @RaheemKassam @WarRoomPandemic UK will have an economic superpower as a partner

  7. @PrisonPlanet We all know the Anglo-Saxon mission planned this 15 years ago

  8. @TeleFootball @_ChrisBascombe Heysel victims will not walk alone too

  9. @ChessyHour @WeAre_TheShed The difference between him and players like Cahill

  10. @LUFC__George @JeremyClarkson

  11. @gchahal Westerners have found the solution for their own stupidity. They can say it's China's fault and everything will be ok.

  12. @BNODesk USA numba one

  13. @stardorman @ChampionsLeague Lampard captained a 6th place team side and dragged them to victory in Bayer own backyard

  14. @AttractingA You Americans are really idiots

  15. @srivatsayb Indians love being bullied lmao

  16. @CwebbCf @TheScore01 @SonOfChelsea Willian is shit. Prove me wrong

  17. @jamesa2611 @Allen_Upper @theAsianBlue He doesn't want to come to that shit hole ungrateful country anymore

  18. So this is why this PLANdemix started

  19. @Kaz1237 @DarkBrecht @MetroUK @Skyline73446331 Ask them, not meπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  20. @birdsoverboys @Breaking911 Cia Bot

  21. Toying with us

  22. @kjellhaglund @alpha5150 @King_Of_Shade @Steamboater One week immunity

  23. @piersmorgan Because western capitalism values money more than human lives

  24. The virus has been going since July in US, but they blamed this on Vaping.

  25. @Hwang327Max @cathy14566918 @Alaya_Matrix @WSJ The funny thing is he is a Chinese.