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  1. @RF10k @MKBHD Marques will complain about everything Samsung makes

  2. @ChelseaPride_ @paddypower @kickitout @ChelseaFC @FvHtweets @SportsMediaLGBT Lool

  3. @bielcavalcant_ @TheGingerKing95 @steel8883 @zidani5mo @ChampionsLeague @FCBayernEN @Manuel_Neuer Lol (sorry for my bad English)

  4. @bielcavalcant_ @TheGingerKing95 @steel8883 @zidani5mo @ChampionsLeague @FCBayernEN @Manuel_Neuer Thanks (sorry for my English)

  5. @littleoldbeast @losblancocarlo @ABRAMOVlCH @hazardeden10 @realmadrid That Adidas shirt looks so shit compared to Chelsea kit

  6. What a great player he was. A real professional

  7. @war_watch @chelledaddy @elonmusk @historyofarmani Glad you know that you're going to los

  8. My man showing Klopp the ***** it's place

  9. @LeaveEUOfficial EU is showing that its smarter than Anglos

  10. @SkySportsPL Chelsea is better, that's why it didn't work. How hard it is for you to understand?

  11. @elizabethhhh_28 who the ***** cares what they say

  12. @MKBHD Americans will ban this and say they stole the technology

  13. @sterling7 Chill ***** you are just a shitty overrated English player

  14. @chriskenyonblue @ChelseaOverHoes @Skyblue83141911 @nomifooty He beat Pep and outplayed Liverpool 2 times this season

  15. You couldn't make this up @ThreeUK

  16. @Nigel_Farage Lmao 🤣 Wasn't America and western imperialists who created WHO and UN?

  17. @ChelseaRumours @officialJayD11 @Daniel_Soff Its not Jorginhos fault that he is surrounded by headless chickens.

  18. @JakeFCohen China is coming to eat you all.

  19. @CatenaccioEra The only toxic thing here is you

  20. @BigNostradamus @Killwish5 @SkySportsPL Dead men tell no tales

  21. ***** off

  22. @ThreeUK Change your logo. Its time for a rebrand

  23. Whyyy 😭 @ThreeUK

  24. Oh my god that 3 logo is an eyesore 😵

  25. This lad is amazing