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  1. @EvaninSEA @nflnetwork @AaronRodgers12 @packers A backup-level LB was also in the top 13. Relax.

  2. @Bigruss711 @EvaninSEA You'd better go back and live just in 2011. Time has changed now.

  3. @AP Good riddance.

  4. @DerMalteDuerr @BVB Congratulate him means the loss of Chinese market for @BVB. Trust me, many Chinese mainland BV…

  5. @mseymour84 @JanAageFjortoft cfbayern regarded as source...well, suit yourself.

  6. @Reuters Suit yourself if it can make you happy.

  7. Weird. You do have clear moments, don't you?

  8. @EvaninSEA Sometimes too much freedom actually hurts. And collectism in Asia is not that bad as Americans think it was.

  9. What a beautiful sight to behold.

  10. @johnpboyle Honestly, Russell, what Pete Carroll and John Schneider have been done to you since 2013 should be clas…

  11. @bcondotta Another pipe dream Pete Carroll is living in. Bennett has 100x hand skill and work ethic than LJ Bust right now.

  12. @spox Criticism even from across the Atlantic Ocean. What a joke PCJS has been now.

  13. @Joe_Fann When was Britt an above average C besides 2016 season? I thought the bar should be set higher.

  14. @briguyisfly @EvaninSEA Betting on bust/half-bust DL rookies. Good moves then.

  15. @EvaninSEA The "not disastrous" grade is so generous. Atrocilous is my grade. Question is, can PCJ do worse than th…

  16. RT @benbbaldwin:

  17. @Chanman39 @EvaninSEA The argument is too lame after all these years. Come on, 2013 season is almost a decade ago.

  18. @SamuelRGold Can we just fast forward to 2021 and get rid of Pete Carroll ASAP?

  19. @cmikesspinmove @ASURay81 @mattyfbrown Took a first round LB for an early retirement? No thanks. And Lavonte was pi…

  20. @ASURay81 @mattyfbrown No matter how good Brooks is, no 4-3 Linebacker is near the value of a first round pick.

  21. @mattyfbrown You're really blind then.

  22. @ProFootballTalk Actually, I'd love the idea of him being traded away from Seattle. Pete·Senile·Carroll is ruining…

  23. @WartchowJackson @vountee BW54 was basically a liability in 2019. Not worth his big contract.

  24. @vountee 22.5M dead money, No chance. I want it to happen though.

  25. @Everclearboy @EvaninSEA @PeteCarroll I wonder how worse Seahawks under Pete Idiot would be, if Russell left. Appre…