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  1. @hawkblogger Oh, just another epic bad football take.

  2. @EvaninSEA Actually, that's a very valid theory. Pete Carroll always puts his legacy ahead of the franchise.

  3. @Joe_Fann And some people definitely would say "we should thank Pete Carroll for this". Thank my Ass.

  4. @SamuelRGold Surprise, surprise, another bad football take from Hawkblogger.

  5. @JacsonBevens And this idiot extended himself for 5 more years. Congrats.

  6. So sorry about we successfully controlling the virus here in Beijing, @allisonpearson .

  7. @lauriechenwords Can you link the "study note" about this?

  8. @AtlantisBlu3 @Aredafir @AliNouriPhD That's the Karma you deserved when you were laughing and pointing fingers at us. I'd say that's fair.

  9. @AtlantisBlu3 @Aredafir @AliNouriPhD Actually, we really enjoy watching you poor guys struggling in Corona hell from the far east.

  10. @stuffboyRD @EvaninSEA Biggest joke of this season. I mean you, not Russell.

  11. @TheMikeSalk That's why your 710 has to cut some personnel. Bad stuff forever.

  12. @DeryckG_ And Seahawks were once 59-0 when they led by at least 4 points in half time. Now they are 59-1. Records a…

  13. @rockfall76 @bcondotta KNJ is Pete's Pet boy.

  14. @Prez Then you should at least pretend to be playing at Sunday, not ruined many fans' sunday (Monday for me though).

  15. @bcondotta You soft ass reporters never dare ask him why he failed so bad.