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  1. @Kamel_TJR @ThomMills When a fan defends a player who plays like horseshit, he usually is a horseshit himself. No o…

  2. @CorbinSmithNFL I really suggest that you actually watch the game. Simmons was torched in week 4&5.

  3. @MikeGarafolo @TomPelissero @Seahawks Do your job now.

  4. @hawkblogger The bad football take from a fraud PCJS apologist has got to a new level.

  5. @Camorooni Sarcastic take right? You are not @hawkblogger who brings numerous bad takes to Seahawk Twitter.

  6. @hawkblogger @EvaninSEA Sometimes you just have to admit your failure. It's not the first time history shows that y…

  7. @migueldahlstrom @BaldyNFL @Seahawks Maybe in the snaps when Adams roams to blitz. Usually Seattle would bring Lano…

  8. @janp09 @ITK_PL No he won't. He launched a vote yesterday about this.

  9. @EvaninSEA Just a little bit hot.

  10. @sampilger Just a huge fiasco of English Football Media, not ManU at the point. Clickbaiter-reporters are crazy now.

  11. @UtdRoo @TheUnitedLink United will have to pay the add-ons from the transfer of Dembele in 2017.

  12. @space_priest Thanks man. I wonder how much the brain fart at 1-yard line would cost in this kind of stats🤣

  13. @BananenTorj Considering the taxes and income loss from 2019-2020 financial season, I'd say maybe they'll invest €5…

  14. @jaskline2007 @DeryckG_ Because it only takes 1 O-Lineman totally whiffed the play to complete a pressure. All-22 v…

  15. @DeryckG_ They already release the grades? That's quick.