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  1. @ProFootballTalk Chiefs defense is so bad that Chiefs can lose to Chiefs. Lol.

  2. @Sulla_Dictator @AFP Democracy means 'when my side has more men, you must shut up and suck it' these days to many people. JFC.

  3. @SeahawkScout @BeastPode @SpikeFriedman That's a disgrace. I mean the quality of article.

  4. @onechicagonews All the streams are not working now.

  5. @EvanHillSEA That's huge. An average, decent Center would require that much money, not Britt.

  6. @robstaton @Joyo_dongo @DavisHsuSeattle They can draft decently in rd 2 but not 1 for years. That's quite interesting or worrying.

  7. RT @JaredStanger: There's currently a problem in Seattle scouting either with the last pass on their board (they've got a lot of the right…

  8. @JaredStanger I'm actually surprised Mahomes is 'only' having a 120.4 season...thought he would be higher.

  9. @EvanHillSEA If they're considering saving some gas for thursday night, that's fine by me. But I do hate those cons…

  10. @onechicagonews @NBCChicagoMed @TorreyDeVitto @barrettmarlyne Wow! Noah is back! He's one of my favorite recurring characters.

  11. RT @NBCChicagoFire: We miss you already, brother. #ChicagoFire

  12. @OnlySeahawksRT @EvanHillSEA Fast start? No. False start? Yes, plenty. (Just joking about our pathetic O-Line.

  13. @mattyfbrown Are speed and burst his biggest strengths? 90th+ percentile?

  14. Still livid though, but not about the player himself. Drafting a running back who relies heavily upon Offensive Lin…

  15. @ESPNStatsInfo OK, a blow out to @Saints, confirmed.