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  1. @afrahca @EvanHillSEA Wagner was all-pro last year. This year he is so mediocre that I don't want to RT Seahawks' P…

  2. @gbellseattle Football is too difficult for you to understand sir. Find something else to report. Also, #GoNavyBeatArmy ***** Black Knights.

  3. @ProFootballTalk They did never quit in garbage time. Very hard-working team.

  4. @MailSport Soon we'll see 'no more Black Friday'. Soon.

  5. @SethWalder @benbbaldwin Yeah, something like this.

  6. RT @Seahawks: 🚨 BY POPULAR DEMAND, if this gets 33,333 RTs by 12:12pm tomorrow, we'll change our profile picture to this. @DangeRussWilso…

  7. @Bubka2k5 @mookiealexander @benbbaldwin Primetime games in week 16 are not flexable. Rules disallowed.

  8. @ItsAScam_Man @GodIago @hawkblogger Which will eliminate Saints from Seed #1 competition if we run the table.

  9. @ClaytonSmithNFL @hawkblogger @jtheaps9 @pfref If sacks are included, yes. 19 total hits from 102 pass plays (91 at…

  10. @CNN Unfortunately the snow leopard has already lost most of his teeth and cannot survive in the wild. Zoo life afterwards.

  11. @bcondotta If Seahawks' defense was still the dumpster fire like before Week 9, I'd say we sign him... Luckily it isn't now.

  12. @AaronQ13Fox @Seahawks @Q13FOX #AskCoachPete Our passing game has been off the line for 2 straight games, why? Russ…

  13. @SamuelRGold @Gamalieljr03 'the short' one to Hollister should be an PI, right? Defender never turned back.

  14. @brawndie Hey, I have some friends who are football players/youth coach. Wanna wire up?

  15. @nytimes I'm laughing my ass off at the ignorance by NYT. In terms of ignorance altitude, you're truly reaching the…