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  1. @romantuerki Suck it.

  2. @RafaelH117 However today's match was boring for 45 mins...oh hold my beer.😬

  3. @onechicagonews @AnnieIlonzeh @ChristianStolte @randyflagler @DavidEigenberg @danielkyri Yeah! Give me more Daniel,…

  4. @jszhn @nytimes Is that standard operating procedure for illegal protests?

  5. @CNN @AprilDRyan It's not like anybody in @CNN has something called humanity, so I cannot comment a non-existant thing.

  6. @SampsonF852 @stegersaurus @cathaypacific Plus, CX had a very bad history with PRC... bow or die.

  7. @StopItPleaseee @sicillian1954 @CNN And he sucked at QB. End of discussion.

  8. @onechicagonews Please tell me this doesn't mean Ritter will leave Firehouse 51...

  9. After the 2009 riot and the massacre in Kunming, I think most Chinese basically have zero confidence in Islam peopl…

  10. @bogsigplatz @Mastermind_09 I stopped. At least I don't think I will watch BVB's game this autumn.

  11. @GERFootDaily Damn. The sam Sarr who Lars Ricken said was to be the best duo in CB of the entire Europe?

  12. Gareth Bale to

  13. @BananenTorj Damn. I shouldn't say never say never.

  14. @Professor0226 @NBCChicagoFire @nbc Not possible. Monica Raymund got a new starring role in Hightown.

  15. @D_o_r_i_a_n @BananenTorj You'll see how huge a mistake it is several years later. Just like Gotze. The worst decision I've ever seen.