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  1. Your response makes no sense what so ever. You're basically saying the uppers can do what ever they want, when ever they want. Leaving he users up in the air, at the mercy of the uppers whims. Obooms yearly purchase was cheap. I don't care that I have lost that money. That is NOT the point. If you can not provide a level of consistency, then your website is run by the uppers and the users are merely a revenue stream for the uppers. that is not a healthy attitude for such a site. you need to strike a balance between the uppers and the users. You clearly don't want to do that. You can not buy or manipulate me for my loyalty, you earn it by providing the right environment that allows both sides of the fence to thrive. From my perspective the only way to fix this is by saying good bye to this place. Something that i did not want to do because I really liked this place, I like the layout and the crowd. Even if the games provided are quite narrow in range. (La Liga section for example only has 3 teams whose games get posted) But it all falls down like a house of cards when you can not implement a set of rules that allows for consistency and fairness. The very best sites out there have uploading policies that work toward finding a middle ground between Upper and user, and the most basic of these requirements is a set of host (usually 3) that allow for FREE downloading. The BIGGEST insult with inCloud is you need PREMIUM to get the files from them. That is frikking outrageous! You have just given your self's a death certificate!! Its too easy to do a a simple google search that finds you many more places that make the same games you have here available on other host. Sadly while I was writing this reply, that is exactly what I have done and have already found 3 sites that have the same games and more, in Multiple host, namely RAPIDGATOR, UPLOADED. If the rest of the internet can survive using these two host, you really have no excuse to seriously consider an uploader policy. Featuring at least 3 host, 2 that you can download free from and 1 that each particular uploader prefers for themselves. So until you can do that, i will keep this site at the bottom of my game providers. So a reluctant, See ya.
  2. Can you lot get yourself organized, is it possible to be a tinge professional. If your up loaders can not bring themselves to respect the uses by been consistent in the host they upload too, or at the very least announce their intentions, BEFORE HAND. Can the management please pick up the slack and deal with it yeah? Can we have some guidelines as to what host you use, it cost MONEY to get premiums accounts. Real sharing sites have this under control, you obviously do not not. Yes I'm extra mega pissed, because I bought a YEARLY Oboom account to EXCLUSIVELY download from this site and without any warning the host has changed to inCloud.. Would management care to comment, bring us into the light.