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  1. Have to admit the form of Gomez and VVD is a bit worrying, they're definitely not playing at their best for a while…

  2. RT @LFCLaurie: Just in case you’ve forgotten, we played a game last season with Jordan Henderson at CB because Matip, Van Dijk , Lovren and…

  3. Nobody is really asking for big signings, but there is a problem if you're not replacing a CB that played 10 PL gam…

  4. Our midfield is the most stacked position, espeically if we're going to play 4231 next season. Buying a CB and a wi…

  5. Can't think of a worse duo than Big Sean and 21 fucking tracks

  6. RT @VideoRadars: Szoboszlai'den müthiş gol

  7. FSG tried to put the LFC staff on furlow yet some people think we're actually going to spend 30M on a player without selling anyone.

  8. RT @ESPNFC: Since February 18, Liverpool have won just 43% of their games 😳

  9. Love it how hungry Minamino looks when he's on the pitch. Always trying his absolute best to make something happen.

  10. Seeing Messi at a different club will be weird asf. Only City and PSG can afford him tbh, maybe United aswell.

  11. PSG robbed of a penalty there

  12. RT @NotoriousManc: Rare unseen footage of Maguire in Greece.

  13. RT @ThatRexGuy: This you?

  14. RT @KMbappe: FARMERS LEAGUE 🤡 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @OL

  15. RT @FCBarcelona: We score, Liverpool need FIVE - and we're going to get at least one... agreed? 🔵🔴 #LFCBarça (1-0, agg 1-3)…

  16. RT @Phil_Coutinho: Hi. Today we had a game against the junior team. I scored two goals. Now at home watching a movie. bye

  17. RT @MrDtAFC: Quite possibly the greatest commentary I have ever heard 😂

  18. pressure on my palms goes so hard, Vince with some stupid ass lines bruuuh

  19. RT @Lakers: Feeling Premier

  20. Looks like a smart lad that has a proper understanding of football. I'm all in for him coming to LFC. Think I remem…

  21. RT @bubbIxs: Random stat, Sadio mane is on the same amount of premier league goals as Cristiano ronaldo in 2 less appearances.

  22. RT @SamueILFC: The 17/18 season kits were one of the best set ever designed.

  23. Made scoring goals look incredibly easy. Such a shame that injuries ruined what could've been an incredible career…

  24. Don't really understand the hype over Thiago. He's a great player no doubt, but I don't see a problem if we don't s…

  25. RT @jackwiles17: Csnt wait for Harry Wilson to get out of this club