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  1. I can actually see us signing Fekir, but next year when his contract runs up.

  2. RT @hoeprincxss: Frank Ocean was really in his bag when he made Pyramids. 9 minutes 53 seconds of pure, untouched, raw perfection. I can’t…

  3. The pure stupidity of this

  4. People comparing a centerback playing football to Usain Bolt in the replies got me dead 😭

  5. RT @PhantomGoal: Aly Cissokho | Fever for the Flava | 13/14 Season Highlights Please RT, I need to feed my family.

  6. Holy *****, just realised that Koulibaly is almost 28, crazy.

  7. Suarezs 15/16 season was and always will be underappreciated.

  8. Gone, gone / Thank you is just so fucking beautiful

  9. 120M for Joao Felix is fucking crazy and the fact that it's Atletico paying that is even more crazy

  10. Looks like Liverpool have high hopes for Van Den Berg

  11. RT @RafaelH117: It’s been two months since Anfield and I haven’t seen Messi have a properly Messi match. Granted he haven’t had many chance…

  12. RT @GWijnaldum: Found a familiar face in #Miami. The blessed one 🙏🏾

  13. United fans actually think that City want Maguire. It's just rumours to drive his price up. City have Laporte at LC…

  14. RT @nocontextunited:

  15. RT @nocontextunited:

  16. Who the ***** get's locked up for throwing a couple of punches at somebody after being provoked? Rocky is being fucked by somebody heavy

  17. We were so close to winning the CL last season, then we bought Alisson and Fabinho who were both crucial to us winn…

  18. @owenjlfc Aaa ok, my bad then.

  19. @Anfieldlnsider Pogba for Juventus was an incredible deal. The fact that they sold him back to Utd for 90M after ge…

  20. RT @barcasstuff: If they wanted to do the bottle challenge so bad why not show the highlights against Liverpool?

  21. RT @kennybeats: Bro I can’t believe they put this shit out

  22. Think that he's a player perfectly suited for Klopp. He can also play in various different positions. Would love hi…

  23. I think that we should just forget about Coutinho. He's still a brilliant player, but at 27, he wouldnt be cheap an…

  24. RT @LADFLEG: Just having fun with that app that shows you what you’ll look like in 40 years

  25. RT @FtblAhmed: No one: Pep Guardiola when he sees a camera: