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  1. pressure on my palms goes so hard, Vince with some stupid ass lines bruuuh

  2. RT @Lakers: Feeling Premier

  3. Looks like a smart lad that has a proper understanding of football. I'm all in for him coming to LFC. Think I remem…

  4. RT @bubbIxs: Random stat, Sadio mane is on the same amount of premier league goals as Cristiano ronaldo in 2 less appearances.

  5. RT @SamueILFC: The 17/18 season kits were one of the best set ever designed.

  6. Made scoring goals look incredibly easy. Such a shame that injuries ruined what could've been an incredible career…

  7. Don't really understand the hype over Thiago. He's a great player no doubt, but I don't see a problem if we don't s…

  8. RT @jackwiles17: Csnt wait for Harry Wilson to get out of this club

  9. I find it crazy that Firmino almost never scores and gets praise but everyone expects goals from Minamino


  11. Harvey Barnes would be such a Brendan Rodgers signing*

  12. I have no idea who Flo Milli is but god damn this mixtape is fkn fire

  13. RT @_pauljoyce:

  14. Trent is just stupid

  15. RT @eimaiNico: He’s playing like he’s been hit with a flashbang bdnshshsjsjsjaksjsj

  16. RT @minijogadoress: ?????

  17. Klopp the type of guy to keep Thiago on the bench and play Henderson 😭

  18. RT @Goalanke: Luiz vs Firmino is such a funny matchup. No defending, no goal scoring, just vibes.

  19. Who would he start for in the PL?

  20. RT @BnsComps: Kolašinac, Luiz & Mustafi Vs Arsenal

  21. RT @ayokakelly: Materialism is killing ppl

  22. RT @SwearingSport: What a fucking touch son

  23. Damn the first 20 minute has been some hot trash

  24. RT @kanyewest: We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for pr…

  25. That striker with the ball did a great job with the transition from tryjng to kick the ball to going on his knee