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  1. God damn 17 penalties in 35 games, that's mental

  2. Gini is our only midfielder that is pretty much injury free and it'd just be incredibly stupid yo let him leave, es…

  3. Probobly Keita (if he's fit). Shaqiri also avaiable if we go for 4231. Don't think we'll see Fabinho or Thiago starting yet.

  4. Are Varane and Gomez the only two CBs Ultimate Team? They're so fucking broken and literally EVERYBODY has them in their defense

  5. RT @NocSupportsLFC: Do u feel lesser attached to football these past months ?

  6. Poland, a country with 38 million people is doing 40 tousand tests a day. The government is claiming that the virus…

  7. I do agree but only if we're talking about Trent and Robertson. For the intensive role they play, they just had too…

  8. Just start finally treating footballer like humans

  9. @TwoFootedPod Would like to know your opinion on Bednarek from Southampton, looks decent from what I've seen

  10. Big clubs have the luxary of having great squad depth and being able to rotate their squads so I really don't see h…

  11. @FalseFMatt We need The Ox to come back ASAP, have no idea what is happening with him

  12. 1-1 away at the Etihad is a good result, but Jota on the right just doesn't work IMO.

  13. It's almost as he talks too much, shouting everytime to head the ball when somebody is in an aerial dual just seems…

  14. Firmino would never

  15. Interested to see how Phillips will do tonight. Big chance for him

  16. RT @TheSalahRole11: Gini is seriously underappreciated at times!

  17. RT @ESPNFC: Karim Benzema didn't make a single pass to Vinicius Jr in the second half of Real Madrid's Champions League game against Boruss…

  18. Gini was much much better than Hendo tonight

  19. Maxi Rodriguez, maybe not the best, but my favorite

  20. God damn VVD is huge

  21. Ah, it completely makes sense now

  22. No Liverpool fan is actually looking for goals from him, his all around game has been tragic for the last couple of…

  23. RT @ScouserChrisLFC:

  24. Man Utd certainly have broke some sort of record that has to with winning penalties? Actually insane how much pens they get

  25. Wouldn't this just ruin the point of CL?