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  1. RT @youfoundjordan: So none of my homeboys get a PS5 today. Gyal is real shit yes

  2. Î have şome serious muting ţo đo on Ñew ¥ears eve.

  3. @Starr_Fyre Thank you fellow Capri Shana. You know we're the best. 😎🌲💯 😏 https://t.co/tUweItpptr

  4. @emile92 ₩ith a bit of ğym ţo go with it.

  5. RT @realmadrid: 📋✅ ¡Nuestro XI inicial 🆚 @SDEibar! @Liberbank | #EibarRealMadrid https://t.co/XgmwxjGM5c

  6. *łevel https://t.co/YzNkfkeRNa

  7. @jesuisjt @mymixtapez Definitely. Had that coming

  8. RT @iamdjkiddfrost: Today I was chosen for Covid-19 vaccine (Russian) trials at Mt Hope. I received my first shot at 4pm, and I wanted y’al…

  9. @fastkArJ That glo looks good on you. 😎

  10. Used to be my Gameboy Advance. https://t.co/qPQ11LglsN

  11. ¤ Ⓜøođ ğoodnight.. ¤ https://t.co/NuODPBANRw

  12. @naresh_john ₩e will find øut more next monţh i ğuess...

  13. When we're down a goal or two is when Zidane will look to bring on @RodrygoGoes 😐 https://t.co/uWEbzeGynv

  14. RT @managingmadrid: Have no words for how good this is

  15. RT @ArsenalTerje: I really don't trust Runarsson.

  16. RT @wimatchapp: rent free 😭😭😭 https://t.co/6DJSne2vEl

  17. @AzeemTheDream94 But I find that the LTE even though it suppose to aid with improvement in speed compared to 3G and… https://t.co/dYxHh23Tnn

  18. RT @SkySportsNews: #WWFC striker Raul Jimenez has been discharged from hospital and is now resting at home with his family.

  19. RT @Angelo_vo: Still studying today we were this close 👌🏼 to sending messages via horseback and carrier pigeon, it eh easy.

  20. Hmmm @naresh_john https://t.co/O9p5wiweSN

  21. RT @LoopNewsTT: As the COVID-19 vaccine progresses globally, tourism may have a resurgence in 2021. https://t.co/9k762LRzr8

  22. RT @shastri_TheBoss: For those still stuck outside of 🇹🇹 but have the initial exemption to return to 🇹🇹 and can provide a negative PCR test…

  23. ¤ ₩e šhall take that.. Nĕeded ţhat @realmadrid ¤

  24. praeca: stabatha-says: anxietyproblem: I mean, replace “2015” with “2008” and yeah. for me it’s 2017 was two years… https://t.co/5vldGWnFlh