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  1. Allriğht @PatriceRmusic. https://t.co/Ty4g89UHPt

  2. RT @brfootball: Out of the FA Cup. Eighth in the league. 😬 https://t.co/OByVUMTL1h

  3. RT @sza: Ur fear of looking stupid is holding u back

  4. 📷 https://t.co/Qy3dmhlfgT

  5. RT @KyJuve10: Pick it up, pick it up!

  6. RT @KanyeWI89: MARABELLA ROUNDABOUT https://t.co/UmJAqG6Ejg

  7. @KalainH So she knew how fxxked up it really was and died as a result of corruption. She died a hero and we must fo… https://t.co/BrTV3xT74C

  8. ¤ §tepping away for a bit afţer that.. ¤ https://t.co/7noZ6GnnfV

  9. RT @gervais_alleyne: The most disgusting thing you could do is try to advertise and make profit off a serious situation https://t.co/XX4kOQ…

  10. @shoesbyFIS I feel that the cameramen did that for spite LOL

  11. https://t.co/Xvjeit8AVb https://t.co/d3YXrMT8NE

  12. Unfortunately they cancelled it.... https://t.co/63B5HjBYtw

  13. RT @TheShortFuse: And there you have it. https://t.co/QltoxSaizF

  14. RT @WWEonFOX: He's closer to regaining what he never lost. After entering at #1, @EdgeRatedR outlasts 29 other Superstars to win his 2nd #…

  15. RT @bhavss14: Bernd Leno is world class. https://t.co/r6LiCXj9xw

  16. Jheezûs çhrist... ☡⬆🎆💜 @naresh_john https://t.co/IaICfXVsRO

  17. RT @just_kdot: when someone remembers a small detail about you>>>

  18. RT @ArsenalTSN: 3rd consecutive away league win for the first time in 8 years! #afc

  19. RT @Orbinho: Arsenal have won their first Premier League game from a losing position since they beat Liverpool last July

  20. RT @Orbinho: Frank Lampard will leave Chelsea having lost FA Cup finals both as a player and as a manager against Arsenal.

  21. @Vk86118968 @RCBTweets #Malinga retired from franchise cricket

  22. RT @Angelo_vo: Covid Pro Max 🤕

  23. @peh_tree_yanna @naresh_john True true 🤣

  24. ‘Travis Scott - SUBURBS AT NIGHT [Prod. Banshee the Great]’ on #SoundCloud #np https://t.co/18qcmd7lGu