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  1. .@3gerardpique would the lone survivor... Imagine that.. https://t.co/ITeli1Pofk

  2. .@AmirJangoo23 stick there badly. @SaluteCotterell pick him out. 15-1 @TKRiders 🇹🇹. #CPL20 🏏

  3. .@Arsenal just want #Boornley to score first to wake up in putting their chances away. #BURARS #EPL 🇬🇧

  4. .@etihad beţter ñot troll mĕ wîţh țhis nĕws... 😲😲😲💕 @AzeemTheDream94 https://t.co/9GYTJDxxnh

  5. .@kierantierney1 struggling for focus amid Arsenal speculation via @OnefootballEN. Read it here: https://t.co/YoTCbussUp

  6. .@swissportNews will see me at whatever time i reach tomorrow because i know my fate 😂

  7. .@TroopzAFC ğone 🇺🇸 ţo be a flip flop...

  8. .@TroopzAFC I guess you was wrong with the @sterling7 v @JoeGomez thing.. 👀

  9. .😂😂😂😂 @_major_williams @AzeemTheDream94 @naresh_john @zim_thegame https://t.co/rYCCREmAei

  10. ‘Travis Scott - SUBURBS AT NIGHT [Prod. Banshee the Great]’ on #SoundCloud #np https://t.co/18qcmd7lGu

  11. §ame tođay on Dimanche Ğras..... https://t.co/ZPEtciy2wr

  12. @_major_williams ɯhαt α sαd excuse of α mαчor to mαke α stαtement lıke thαt. ı ɯeep for those lıvıng ın thαt stαte ɯıth hıs ıdeologч. 😠😠

  13. @24_7Nooria Ent @RaulGonzalez came from @Atleti own though 🤣

  14. @24_7Nooria Since I was younger, That has always been my preference. If it has then I'm not bothering. 😅

  15. @868Toya And selfish.

  16. @868Toya Sell Your Stuff facebook group

  17. @AFCComps @Aubameyang7 @DownloaderBot

  18. @aredgyal Lovely complexion.

  19. @ArieKMJ https://t.co/UmdTZOPWO9

  20. @asiganon @TWlegion Çhill mate...

  21. @AzeemTheDream94 But I find that the LTE even though it suppose to aid with improvement in speed compared to 3G and… https://t.co/dYxHh23Tnn