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  1. RT @Jessiibop: https://t.co/I3NphYlANG

  2. RT @rhopico: https://t.co/pSMsrGNTeL https://t.co/y0mbwvmXPd

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/yvpeJgOTQW

  4. 😐😐😐😐😐 Really https://t.co/UhcfoHHIJQ

  5. Î đont think ţhat i çould continue with țhis ğirl if she çannot help hĕrself. Ønly ğod knows.. 🙃

  6. RT @oglb20: When Kanye’s cousin listened to No More Parties In LA https://t.co/gpmSSPwKQg

  7. @gottaluvness69 THAT IS AWESOME

  8. @TroopzAFC Better you stay in England bro... America in a bigger mess.

  9. @kaylabostic3 Ent... He had enough time.

  10. RT @Angelo_vo: A 4 day work week and a 3 day weekend, personally I find da reasonable.

  11. @aredgyal Lovely complexion.

  12. RT @SHAAANEE_: if we dating , you can still do whatever you want . just stay loyal & be honest

  13. RT @Lagvilava7: Kieran Tierney 🔴 #Arsenal #Tierney #WBAARS @arsenal @kierantierney1 https://t.co/jvc4zxyeym

  14. RT @CrazeYanz: I moving different this year. Focus up.

  15. RT @LeGrove: If this West Ham result holds, there would be 9 points between 13th and 3rd. Staggering how tight the league is this season.

  16. RT @meimmack: YALL THIS YEAR HAD 366 DAYS NOT 365 DAYS lmao

  17. RT @Mickella_R: This is how you drink smalta https://t.co/CS66T4DgeI

  18. Dont leave. https://t.co/v8OISeoW7Q

  19. RT @trulybless25: That dating just for fun is CANCELLED. We are dating with PURPOSE in 2021.

  20. How time go be flying fast so https://t.co/fk4oOagKn8

  21. RT @ESPNUK: Adama Traore has now failed to score in the Premier League for a whole year 😳 https://t.co/M2bG77UBef

  22. RT @PoemHeaven: too much • too young. https://t.co/yLK5pnUQIm

  23. RT @youfoundjordan: So none of my homeboys get a PS5 today. Gyal is real shit yes

  24. Î have şome serious muting ţo đo on Ñew ¥ears eve.