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  1. RT @WholesomeMeme: https://t.co/UjRhTMduoS

  2. @FutbolJustin So happy for her

  3. And yet we cannot score.... https://t.co/wLEXlXMwA2

  4. RT @Dhavidote: “When the relationship is two days old” https://t.co/BxXAtrnfda

  5. RT @TimelineCR7: ON THIS DAY 6 YEARS AGO: Cristiano Ronaldo scored 5 GOALS in ONE MATCH for the FIRST TIME EVER in his career, including a…

  6. @kharypierre18 We shall see.

  7. #RememberTheNameOrigins @naresh_john https://t.co/CLkH7e2V7O

  8. RT @iscoballer: I’m so happy for Asensio, he has been really good lately 👏🏼

  9. @24_7Nooria Since I was younger, That has always been my preference. If it has then I'm not bothering. 😅

  10. Also want to add Gemini to this as well.. https://t.co/UEsoK9OKzV

  11. RT @ESPNcricinfo: Three wickets fall in the afternoon session in Antigua, but Kraigg Brathwaite remains steady for West Indies on 61* at th…

  12. RT @TWlegion: Get well soon Tiger. It has been good to see him still engaged with the game week to week and texting people like Rory & JT a…

  13. RT @ajarrodkimber: After 35 overs: Bhuvi econ - 4.8 Rest of India - 8.8

  14. RT @peh_tree_yanna: West Indies has like 480 balls to get 350 runs LMAO. Draw today is what we looking for yes. Bat out the day.

  15. @peh_tree_yanna At all.

  16. ιf ყoᥙ ᥴᥲᥣᥣ mᥱ ᥲftᥱr 11 ι ᥕιᥣᥣ ᥒot ᥲᥒsᥕᥱr... ᥙᥒᥣᥱss ყoᥙ'rᥱ mყ gιrᥣ... ᥕhιᥴh ι doᥒt hᥲvᥱ....

  17. RT @irbishi: Really happy for @Jaseholder98 today with his 8th five wicket haul. That was as good a spell of test match bowling from him af…

  18. RT @ESPNcricinfo: INDIA TAKE THE T20I SERIES WIN! 🇮🇳 https://t.co/XnsASBuZvg | #INDvENG https://t.co/VC9LE4ismN

  19. RT @Migzdakid: Being yourself will always be enough.

  20. RT @estxev: I’ve tested positive for needing a fucking vacation

  21. ¤ Ñever łet a prank ğo too far and łearn when its ţime to ştop.. ¤ #lessonslearned

  22. I flew the 737 MAX in 2021...should YOU? https://t.co/UiaJvMV8vt via @YouTube

  23. RT @Hott935: MASKED WOLF - Astronaut In The Ocean https://t.co/oB6Wx3pbpc #turnuson #nowplayingonhott93

  24. RT @naresh_john: Always aim to exceed what you did last time. Keep consistent...that is the only way to measure results Keep it simple. Co…

  25. £ind øut for me as wĕll. https://t.co/8KPGPyQESc