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  1. Oh yay boy!!!
  2. Wow, what a way to say ''what you waiting for,go get your current gen console'' And now @@Toño? what you gonna do amigo?
  3. Thanks Toño for posting and for such words ,it would be so much better if i could upload without the black bars,but anyways i hope everyone can still enjoy them. Our little magician saved us again.
  4. chilling with Monarchy
  5. @@Toño Like i said not many,i think Dark Souls,Yu Gi Oh,Assassins Creed black flag '' i think'' and a avatar game with motorcycles hahaha. Yeah i heard,first i thought it was awesome and still,for people that had some good games for 360,i only play Fifa so ...
  6. I already wanted to buy the Xbox One, but now i don't want it, i need it The real NFS is back!!!
  7. Yeah frstplce i know,exaclty what you said i prefer buying a new console. Hahahaha yes Toño that's what i want, and yes i can play only games on my HD but i don't have many since i used to buy the discs instead.
  8. My old friend X360 just stopped reading discs When i put the disc just ''Open tray'' appears....
  9. True, Coutinho,Hendo,Skrtel and Steve the ones who kept fighting for the team all season.
  10. @@Toño Thanks,sometimes i just forget to share with you guys. Oh i still can't accept that our Captain is leaving...
  11. They're trying to force us to buy the new Gen consoles...If you are addicted for sure you'll buy the console just to play your fav game.
  12. The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living your life on your own terms.