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  1. Loving all this end-of-season stuff, Toño! Thanks so much.
  2. Wonderful stuff, Toño! Thanks for all your efforts. Always appreciated. And congratulations to all my fellow Reds on here! We're all Camp19nes!
  3. Congratulations to all us Reds!!!
  4. Wow, that is quite a difference! Thanks for the explanation, Toño. My vote would be to keep the quality high, even if it means a bigger file size - assuming, of course, that's possible for you. Really appreciative of your continuing efforts on here, mate.
  5. Hi Toño, Thanks for uploading the Watford and Chelsea games. I notice they're MP4 files with a resolution of 1024 x 576 . Would it be possible to get them in your usual, excellent, full HD quality of 1920 x 1080? Many thanks for your continuing efforts.
  6. Excellent! Thank you GeorgeFilms. I notice that the videos you upload often have one or two "stutters". Nothing significant - but a small "skip" every now and then. Not intended in any way as a criticism. Just some hopefully-useful feedback. Appreciate all your efforts and for getting these videos uploaded so quickly.
  7. Would anybody be able to post the following highlights? Many thanks in advance.
  8. Appreciate the efforts, Toño. Thank you!
  9. Good to have you back, Toño!
  10. Ah, no worries then. Thanks for the offer though!
  11. I'd be sorry to see you stop uploading, Toño. You've done a consistently fantastic job over the years for all of us. Your uploads have always been fast, reliable and of the highest quality. But I understand how you may want to take a break after all this time...
  12. Thanks for all your recent efforts, GeorgeFilms. Would it be possible to upload again the Leicester highlights? I've downloaded several times but there are some glitches - especially when Trent scores! Thanks again for all your efforts. It's much appreciated.
  13. Would this help, Toño?... Hope you manage to solve the problem...
  14. Insane game! Thanks for the quick share!
  15. Hi Toño, Whenever you have time, I'd be gratefull if you could upload the following: LFC 5-4 Chelsea: Penalty shoot-out in full Mane finishes coolly to make it 2-0 at Turf Moor Trent's deflected cross finds its way in (I think someone at LFCTV was asleep for the first few games of the season! )
  16. Brilliant! Thanks so much, Toño.
  17. Hey Toño, Would you possibly be able to upload the following video? LFC 5-1 Arsenal: 11 mins first 20 minutes sped up&listType=LIST-DEFAULT Any help greatly appreciated, as ever...
  18. A massive and heartfelt "Thank You" to everyone who has contributed on here over this last season. Effort that goes well above and beyond the call of duty. Please know that you've provided me - and many others - with literally hours of enjoyment. Excellent work! Roll on the Champions League Final!
  19. Brilliant. Thank you!
  20. Another request, if possible: v Barcelona%3A Highlights Again, many thanks in advance!...
  21. Not a problem! Thanks for your trouble!
  22. If anyone could post the following video, I'd be very grateful! Highlights Many thanks in advance...
  23. Excellent, Toño! Thank you very much.
  24. I'd be very grateful if anyone could post the highlights from the Bury 1-5 U18s game... Videos&listType=LIST-DEFAULT&_ga=2.109336901.1576585644.1551975517-1805763977.1500348652 Many thanks in advance!