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  1. Thanks for reporting the Neymar topic. There are quite a few dead links on this forum but we aren't deleting them at the moment.

  2. The song im looking for is, Mark Willott - Chess if anyone has it please give me the link to download thank again Fella.
  3. Its Basically like career mode, based on playing cards you playt matches earn money and buy packs or players to improve your team, you have to buy contracts to keep you players in the game. Really good fun.
  4. How's everyones ultimate team going? What's your best players you got so far? I have Ronaldinho, Chicharito, Dzeko, Baines, Pepe, Puyol, Richards and Joe Hart.
  5. Love how everythings looking now, all the post problems are sorted aswell. Everythings great.
  6. Since the new update, im unable to completely edit my posts. Yesterday there was no problem but today i cant edit at all its to confusing.
  7. very very special Thanks For your videos

  8. Ricardo Kaka vs Tianjin Teda 2011-2012 Preseason by Fella.

    Read more: http://www.soccershouts.com/forum/topic/8111-the-ricardo-kaka-thread/page__st__30#ixzz1USK7qUw9

    kaka's video is not correct Fileserve There is Nothing Link

  9. aguero vs inter milan please ( if you can do this )

  10. please make the new video of neymar against flamengo

  11. Please Make A new video of neymar against Flamengo

  12. Its jumpy not scary, i hate horrors but isnt wasnt all that. Worth watching but you need to watch the 1st to understand the second.