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Video Comments posted by Toño

  1. What an emotional video! Though despite lack of intro you never lack a creative mind - still watched with full joy, song and moments suits perfectly, great stuff (:

    I think you might try to start separate threads for your compilations as some of the guys do. It will get more attention and apart from that I think supporters around will appreciate the download links maybe for some of your videos ;) I used to collect Liverpool's compilations in the past and I had some really good ones. I lost all of them so at some point I might start to keep 'em once again.

  2. I was wondering through the whole video whether it's the same version of the intro song, only with words :P Is it ?

    Anyway, I love the way you put long story into the short one, love it, quality stuff. I like how you did some tricks with colours as well (Torres shirt) and Shankly's gate at the beginning!

    Keep going mate, you have some skills!

    ps^ watched it after my new year arrived, my first video on youtube :P