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  1. I think with everything that has happened nothing should be ever taken for granted, and yes, it's a bit surreal to realize that after so many years it is finally here!

    Thank you all for the support and for being part of a great community!

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  2. 3 hours ago, mkalota said:

    Once again thank you for everything Tono. Finally there are moments to celebrate, without you it would be impossible.

    My pleasure, man! I think without all of us and all the LFC related people it would not be possible! And yeah, it was worth the wait - finally, Champions of England, once again! Well deserved!




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  3. Highlights: LFC v Chelsea



    From doubters to believers: Jürgen's Liverpool

    'The trophy looks good, and it feels good''The_trophy_looks_good%2C_and_it_feels_good'.ts/file

    Robertson Today summed up why we're Champions're_Champions.ts/file

    'I've had to wait 9 years for this''I've_had_to_wait_9_years_for_this'.ts/file

    Inside the Reds dressing room at full time

    The champions sing YNWA together at Anfield

    Full trophy presentation: Extended coverage of the trophy lift

    Jordan Henderson lifts the Premier League trophy


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