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  1. 20 hours ago, mehmetrzgh said:

    I Think Our mate George were more and more quicker than the others, but don't know why when tono said he's back George has gone.

    as I said before we love and we want you both together,
    couple of you is gonna be as sadio mane and bobby in front of the team. So Fiery!! :med-on-fire:

    Everyone's free to upload and do whatever they want to, there are no limitations and if any of you have access to LFC TV - please feel free to upload as well.

    Regarding being the fastest, well, it's not a competition and all of us have lives besides this forum and we aren't (at least I'm) sitting and waiting till the new video pops up on LFC TV to upload it immediately here. I think it's normal considering everything's been provided for free. Sometimes it will take longer time.  

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  2. U23s 5-0 Southampton: Highlights

    Inside Tottenham: Spurs 0-1 LFC | Tunnel Cam

    Stoke 1-2 U18s: Highlights


    On 13.01.2020 at 11:47 PM, Waool said:

    Hi Tono,

    Good to have you back. Could you please re-upload Salah's goal against Newcastle (Away) last year as the above link has expired.


    Yes, I will. Just give me the direct link from the LFC TV, please.

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  3. Sooo looks like IDM's latest update did the job. I can download from LFC TV again.

    Tottenham v LFC: Highlights


    Best Bits: Mane's non-stop performance against Spurs's_non-stop_performance_against_Spurs.ts/file

    Best Bits: Gini's midfield masterclass against Tottenham's_midfield_masterclass_against_Tottenham.ts/file


    Also, not sure if I should continue. Just a heads up for IDM users that it's working now.

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  4. So the update: I've tried the oldest version of IDM and the newest one that came out a day ago - nothing works. Looks like LFC TV changed the algorithm or fixed something.


    As for the DownloadHelper, as @lpw mentioned above, it does see the videos and can download them, but frame rate is low and it feels like I've downloaded some stream rather than the actual video. I can upload the example and you can see what I am talking about if you wish.