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  1. If GeorgeFilms will upload everything consistently, I may stop uploading (or, well trying to) and finally take this role off me. It's been a long ride anyway and there's no need in doing so now. If that's the case, I will cancel my mediafire subscription.
  2. Not yet, but it looks like George got you covered so it's all good.
  3. Yes I did try with Firefox. It's my main browser. Do you want to see the video example?
  4. So the update: I've tried the oldest version of IDM and the newest one that came out a day ago - nothing works. Looks like LFC TV changed the algorithm or fixed something. As for the DownloadHelper, as @lpw mentioned above, it does see the videos and can download them, but frame rate is low and it feels like I've downloaded some stream rather than the actual video. I can upload the example and you can see what I am talking about if you wish.
  5. @lpw Doesn't work for me. Yes, thought about it but not sure how to get back to older version of IDM
  6. Weird, cause I did the same with GChrome and left PC for like a couple of hours and the downloads never started.
  7. Have you tried it now? And if yes, what browser did you use?
  8. Thank you, guys. The first Format factory didn't work, and Stream Video Downloader can see the files but the progress is always stuck at 0%. I have a feeling it's either LFC TV did something or it has something to do with the latest IDM update.
  9. Hey guys! Having issues with IDM so cannot download anything at the moment. Looking for solution now (if you have any other download manager in mind, let me know).
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  22. goals:
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