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  1. Liverpool FC 2020: A Year Like No Other
  2. Ha, good catch! That's what it says on the official site - I guess they could not handle the two 0's haha!
  3. Full match: Newcastle v Liverpool
  4. Highlights: Newcastle 1-1 Liverpool
  5. Unfortunately, not. Maybe they will add them in the future though.
  6. Inside Anfield: Liverpool 1-1 West Brom
  7. LFC v West Brom: Full match
  8. Highlights: LFC v West Brom goal:
  9. Inside Training: Reds get into Christmas spirit at AXA Training Centre Flags and Banners: The art of Liverpool FC
  10. Ahaha, nice pic! I've read something similar in the comments on BBC site: If Palace manager won't say that the best team lost today he isn't doing 2020 right.
  11. Full Match Crystal Palace v Liverpool
  12. Highlights: Crystal Palace 0-7 Liverpool goals:'s+adds+a+fifth+with+delicious+dink+finish.ts/file's+scores+the+Reds+sixth+with+a+headed+goal.ts/file Hendo's Best bits Another magnificent performance from the skipper's+Best+bits+Another+magnificent+performance+from+the+skipper.ts/file
  13. Inside Training: All-action five-a-side & Thiago returns
  14. Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-1 Spurs
  15. If anything, that's a big boost in confidence ~
  16. LFC v Tottenham: Full match
  17. Highlights: LFC v Tottenham goals:'s+deflected+effort+puts+Liverpool+ahead.ts/file This is the Way.
  18. Highlights: Middlesbrough 1-4 U18s
  19. Gérard Houllier: In his own wordsérard+Houllier+In+his+own+words.ts/file Carragher: I owe absolutely everything to Gerard I've started watching Liverpool with Gérard Houllier as a manager. It's been an honor! <3
  20. Fulham v Liverpool: Full match
  21. Highlights: Fulham 1-1 LFC goal
  22. Inside Training: Alisson returns as Reds prepare for Fulham
  23. Midtjylland v LFC Full match
  24. Highlights: Midtjylland v LFC goals Every touch from Leighton Clarkson's impressive European debut's+impressive+European+debut.ts/file Kelleher's late save protects the point's+late+save+protects+the+point.ts/file
  25. Inside Anfield: LFC 4-0 Wolves - Fans are back on the Kop!!.ts/file