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  1. Highlights: Everton 1-1 U23s
  2. LFC v Man Utd: Full match
  3. Highlights: LFC 0-0 Man Utd
  4. Inside Training: Preparations intensify ahead of Man Utd
  5. Inside Training: Things get competitive as the Reds work in the rain
  6. Aston Villa v LFC: Full match
  7. Highlights: Aston Villa v LFC goals:
  8. Flags and Banners subs
  9. Southampton v LFC: Full match
  10. Yeah, it's time to buckle up seat belts and get stuff done, because Kansas (title) is going bye bye. Highlights: Southampton 1-0 LFC
  11. Here's the torrent file. Please don't share it elsewhere - it's for local use only and I will delete it soon. subs
  12. I might try to upload it (it isn't as big as I thought) if there will be no copyright stuff with mediafire. On the other hand I downloaded it withing seconds really so maybe it will be more efficient to download from torrent?
  13. Thank you for sharing! Happy 2021 everyone! Stay healthy, awesome and do your best! YNWA <3
  14. Liverpool FC 2020: A Year Like No Other
  15. Ha, good catch! That's what it says on the official site - I guess they could not handle the two 0's haha!
  16. Full match: Newcastle v Liverpool
  17. Highlights: Newcastle 1-1 Liverpool
  18. Unfortunately, not. Maybe they will add them in the future though.
  19. Inside Anfield: Liverpool 1-1 West Brom
  20. LFC v West Brom: Full match
  21. Highlights: LFC v West Brom goal:
  22. Inside Training: Reds get into Christmas spirit at AXA Training Centre Flags and Banners: The art of Liverpool FC
  23. Ahaha, nice pic! I've read something similar in the comments on BBC site: If Palace manager won't say that the best team lost today he isn't doing 2020 right.
  24. Full Match Crystal Palace v Liverpool
  25. Highlights: Crystal Palace 0-7 Liverpool goals:'s+adds+a+fifth+with+delicious+dink+finish.ts/file's+scores+the+Reds+sixth+with+a+headed+goal.ts/file Hendo's Best bits Another magnificent performance from the skipper's+Best+bits+Another+magnificent+performance+from+the+skipper.ts/file