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  1. Highlights: U18s 5-0 Leeds Utd Inside Anfield: Liverpool 3-0 Leicester
  2. well done @mkalota!! Thank you for sharing - awesome!
  3. You will only know once you're done. Copystrikes are usually given after the full upload.
  4. I used Mediafire and just split the files and I think it worked? Haven't received a copyright strike or anything.
  5. Added Firmino goal to the main post
  6. LFC v Leicester City: Full Match
  7. Highlights: LFC v Leicester City goals: The best of Jota's brilliant performance against Leicester's+brilliant+performance+against+Leicester.ts/file
  8. I still don't know why LFC act like a cave people and release a DVD (!!) when it could have easily been a blu-ray with top-quality footage. I don't want to be mean but are people in the UK still use DVD? Also, the cost of it is similar to some blu-ray movies which is rather ridiculous (considering the shipping fee as well).
  9. Inside Training: Up close with the first session at the AXA Training Centre
  10. Ox's guided tour of the AXA Training Centre's+guided+tour+of+the+AXA+Training+Centre.ts/file AXA Training Centre: A new era for LFC
  11. Highlights: West Ham 2-4 U23s
  12. Highlights: Port Vale 4-2 U21s
  13. Highlights: LFC Women 1-0 Sheff Utd This Was Melwood: A tribute | 1950-2020
  14. Inside Man City: City 1-1 Liverpool | Behind-the-scenes at the Etihad
  15. Man City v LFC: Full match
  16. Highlights: Man City v LFC goals: Best of Gini & Hendo's midfield display's+midfield+display.ts/file
  17. Inside Training: Finishing practice, small games & plenty of action from Melwood,+small+games+&+plenty+of+action+from+Melwood.ts/file Most likely on LFCTV since it's official LFC account? Soon we will know.
  18. Full Match Atalanta v Liverpool
  19. Highlights Atalanta v Liverpool goals:'s+puts+Reds+ahead+with+exquisite+finish.ts/file The joy of Jota: Diogo's best bits against Atalanta's+best+bits+against+Atalanta.ts/file Diogo Jota's stunning hat-trick's+stunning+hat-trick.ts/file
  20. Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-1 West Ham
  21. Highlights: LFC v West Ham goals: The best of Nat Phillips' dominant defensive display'+dominant+defensive+display.ts/file
  22. Inside Training: Rondos get competitive, and sharp-shooting to finish,+and+sharp-shooting+to+finish.ts/file
  23. LFC v Midtjylland: Full match
  24. Highlights: LFC v Midtjylland goals:
  25. Highlights: Everton 0-4 LFC