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  1. Highlights: Everton 0-0 LFC (without crowd effects)
  2. Yeah, I can. Just thought it would be more alive with crowd noise. I can upload another version, but for the future uploads, I would prefer one of the variations as it still the same highlights. If everyone is fine with the original format I will be uploading them.
  3. Full match: Everton v LFC
  4. Highlights: Everton v LFC - With additional crowd effects
  5. Inside Training: Final preparations for Everton begin
  6. Inside Training: Reds' preparations continue at Melwood'_preparations_continue_at_Melwood.ts/file
  7. No worries! And yeah - enjoyed watching lads scoring some goals, haha! I forgot the feeling I have to admit.
  8. Highlights: Liverpool 6-0 Blackburn Rovers
  9. Oh yes, I have that from time to time. Might depend on your browser (I use firefox), and also the blocking from LFCTV (they try to do that from time to time too). What I usually do is: - refresh the page multiple times - start the video and watch or fast forward a bit - scroll up and down the page and quite often the IDM button will appear It usually works well, or after few mentioned above attempts it should, however, if, after multiple tries, it won't appear, it might very well be the blocking. I had that blackout for a few months (LFCTV managed to block it), but now it works fine.
  10. @topkop Hi! And yes, sure. What the exact issues do you usually experience?
  11. Inside Training: 18 Goals from Friday's Melwood session's_Melwood_session.ts/file Inside Training: Restart preparations continue at Melwood
  12. Madrid 2019: The Captain's Story's_Story.ts/file Inside Training EXCLUSIVE: 11v11 matches at Anfield
  14. Again, please let me knwo when you're done
  15. Please let me know when you're done's_goal_in_6_angles.ts/file
  16. I cannot and I don't have UK VPN
  17. LFC Later: AK and Osman talk Merseyside derbies and more
  18. Thank you, man! All of you stay safe as well! <3
  19. Full match LFC v Atletico
  20. Highlights LFC v Atletico goals:'s_pinpoint_header_puts_the_Reds_level_on_aggregate.ts/file
  21. It looks like LFC TV fixed itself again and back to normal size/quality standards. I will upload everything today.
  22. Well, it's less now and it's 720p. It isn't as excellent as my previous file with 12 GB but here: Let me know when you will download it please, so I will delete it
  23. Just checked and it's not available now. Only 1080 p quality and 360 p, which is really low. I will see if it will be updated. For now just this one big 12 GB: LFC v Bournemouth: Full Match
  24. I can upload a smaller version for you if you want?
  25. Yes, as I explained above it's because of the better quality so everything will be bigger. Full match is about 12 GB. Do you need it?