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  1. 60 Minutes with Didi Hamann ... The legendary German sits down for an in-depth chat with LFC TV Video Length: 47:59 part1 | part2 | Part3 Enjoy
  2. Carra's Road to Wembley ... Jamie Carragher looks back at our FA Cup road to Wembley Video Length: 22:51 link April in review ... The story of April 2012 for LFC Video Length: 8:18 link Cup final: Did you know? ... All the need-to-know facts about Saturday's FA Cup final Video Length: 2:42 link
  3. Here you go mate, it's separate but I have put in the one archive. El Pistolero treble and some pre final FA Cup vids Kenny's FA Cup final preview Kenny Dalglish speaks to the press ahead of the FA Cup final ... Video Length: 7:27 link Stevie and Carra's final thoughts Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher preview the FA Cup final v Chelsea ... Video Length: 10:05 link
  4. Ian Ayre plays either-or Our Managing Director is put on the spot with our either-or game ... Video Length: 1:06 linkand some old but kool vids 5 great Daniel Agger goals Get your daily summer football fix with 5 great Daniel Agger goals ... Video Length: 3:48 link Agger: Life through a lens Daniel Agger discusses key moments from his footballing life so far ... Video Length: 8:05 link
  5. Kenny on USA tour Kenny Dalglish talks about the summer tour of North America ... Video Length: 2:04 link Kenny's pre-Norwich chat Kenny Dalglish speaks to the press ahead of our trip to Norwich ... Video Length: 7:17 link Carra on Norwich test Jamie Carragher previews the Reds' trip to Carrow Road ... Video Length: 2:08 link The UN visits LFC LFC welcomes two UN youth leaders at Reduc@te ... Video Length: 3:13 link
  6. yep, no probs mate Berger relives treble glory 10 years on from our glory in Dortmund, Patrik Berger reflects ... Video Length: 2:53 link and some bonus 5 great Berger goals Get your daily summer football fix with 5 great Patrik Berger goals ... Video Length: 3:48 link
  7. Beardsley on Reserves clash Kop favourite Peter Beardsley reflects on the reserves win over Liverpool ... Video Length: 1:33 link Rodolfo's Newcastle frustration Rodolfo Borrell reflects on the final reserve game of the season ... Video Length: 3:03 link LFC Res 1-2 N'castle: 12 mins Highlights from the reserves final game of 2011-12 v Newcastle ... Video Length: 11:10 link Late despair for U18s All the goals from the U18s final game of the season at Newcastle ... Video Length: 2:19 link
  8. Here you go mate - I re-uploaded this video on hotfile [it's only 2 parts so a little bit easy] : part1 | part2 So try it, hope it will help Oh, and by the way you can also while archive has a few parts do something: just check the 'Keep broken files' option under Miscellaneous in the Extraction path and options menu, it will also help.
  9. What does it exactly mean mate? You can't hear volume in this video or just some part from the archive is broken? I can reupload it later on hotfile [the whole video]. Just need your feedback. And thanks momo 99.
  10. I think the last one was Episode 14 from April 4th so definitely the next one will be up very soon Thanks for the feedback as well.
  11. Going Up documentary 50 years on, watch our documentary on LFC's historic promotion to Division One ... Video Length: 47:16 part1 | part2 | part3 Kenny pre-West Brom The boss looks ahead to our Anfield clash with West Brom ... Video Length: 6:48 link Kelly answers your tweets Martin Kelly answers your tweets in an exclusive chat at Melwood ... Video Length: 7:36 link
  12. Hey mate, I did a search on LFC TV and can't find that video. I think that was limited or maybe it was only showed on LFC channel :\ or maybe I just bad at searching.. so if you can put the direct link it would be cool. I've also found out this little vid.
  13. Marsh on 2-0 win Mike Marsh reflects on the U18s 2-0 win over Wolves ... Video Length: 1:34 link Duo on taming Wolves Kris Peterson and Jakub Sokolik on the U18s win over Wolves ... Video Length: 1:21 link LFC U18s 2-0 Wolves: Analysis David Fairclough and Gary Gillespie reflect on the U18s win over Wolves ... Video Length: 3:09 link Goals: Jordan Ibe Jordan Lussey
  14. I wanted to say the same alternative for you [on that link] but then have changed my mind.. Here you go mate: The goals so far: El Pistolero Andy Carroll
  15. Can't find '60 mins with Lucas' on LFC TV [dunno why] but I have this on my hard drive so I just reuploaded it. That's not my cap though and I think, it was momo 99 or Captain_Gerrard_8, amazing job by these lads around here so definitely all the credits to them anyway. 60 minutes with Lucas part1 | part2 | part3 Love this vid. Wanna re-watch it now. Can't cap this video from your link also.. Will try it later, but can't promise anything.
  16. Fairclough takes the derby quiz David Fairclough takes the Merseyside derby quiz ... Video Length: 3:03 link Moyes on semi clash Everton boss David Moyes on the FA Cup semi-final ... Video Length: 7:30 link Wembley 86 or Wembley 89? Ian Rush takes the either/or test ... Video Length: 1:23 link
  17. Cheers mate, nice to read this Kenny pre-Everton Kenny Dalglish's pre-Everton semi-final press conference ... Video Length: 12:30 link Gerrard's semi preview Steven Gerrard speaks to the press before the Everton clash ... Video Length: 7:52 link Howard on semi clash Everton's Tim Howard looks ahead to the FA Cup semi-final ... Video Length: 8:14 link Scousers on Wembley Way: HD Liverpool rapper and Everton fan Jamie Broad presents Scousers on Wembley Way ... Video Length: 3:45 link it's possible some issues with Tim Howard video but i've uploaded it anyway
  18. Suso sinks Baggies Highlights of the reserves win over West Brom ... Video Length: 10:24 link A team of Aggers Three Kopites on why they would love a team of Aggers ... Video Length: 1:06 link LFC in Ghana so far What LFC, Ian Rush and Standard Chartered have been up to in Ghana this week ... Video Length: 2:36 link
  19. Blackburn goals fest Whet your appetite with this glut of Reds goals against Rovers ... Video Length: 2:38 link Flanagan's Liverpool Jon Flanagan talks LFC and life in Liverpool on the city's big wheel ... Video Length: 11:00 link
  20. Fixed + added some more videos 'I want to do it again' Sebastian Coates on his stunning QPR goal and life at Anfield ... Video Length: 3:47 link Inside Melwood: Episode 14 We hear from Stewart Downing and Sebastian Coates ... Video Length: 10:19 link March's Goal of the Month Our top five goals scored in March as voted for by fans ... Video Length: 4:29 link
  21. Nathan and Ryan on 4-1 win Nathan Eccleston and Ryan McLaughlin on a superb win at Aston Villa ... Video Length: 2:10 link Borrell's Villa delight Rodolfo Borrell on the 4-1 win over Aston Villa ... Video Length: 1:43 link Villa 1-4 LFC Reserves: Analysis Stephen Warnock and Mark Walters on the Reserves 4-1 win at Villa Park ... Video Length: 3:51 link Sterling and co sink Villa Highlights of the Reserves 4-1 win over Aston Villa at Villa Park ... Video Length: 10:44 link
  22. That's kinda weird.. I just re-checked that game - it is works perfectly fine for me. I stilll have it on my hard drive. Anyway, which software do you use to watch this video and what type of error did you got mate?..
  23. U18s 2-1 Huddersfield: Highlights The best of the action from the U18s' 2-1 win ... Video Length: 10:14 link U18s 2-1 Huddersfield: Analysis John Aldridge and Gary Gillespie reflect ... Video Length: 4:20 link Duo on Huddersfield win Jordan Lussey and Ryan McLaughlin reflect on the U18s' win ... Video Length: 2:10 link Boston excited to host LFC Tim Treacy from the LFC Boston Supporters Club on LFC to play at Fenway Park ... Video Length: 6:11 link LFC 1988 or Barca 2012? Ray Houghton plays the either/or game ... Video Length: 3:42 link Sterling's senior bow Players and staff reflect on Raheem Sterling's first-team debut ... Video Length: 3:41 link
  24. Here u go: Young Reds sink Marseille Highlights of the U19s NextGen play-off with Marseille ... Video Length: 5:43 link U18s 3-4 WBA: Highlights The best of the action from the U18s seven-goal thriller ... Video Length: 10:17 link Beating Berlusconi The story behind the play Beating Berlusconi ... Video Length: 4:48 link
  25. Academy stars pick their dinner guests The Academy pick their guests for a Come Dine With Me special ... Video Length: 1:52 link Kenny's Wigan preview The boss looks forward to the visit of Wigan ... Video Length: 5:30 link Rush or Fowler? Neil Mellor plays our either/or game ... Video Length: 1:20 link Clarke on Wigan test Steve Clarke looks ahead to our clash with Wigan ... Video Length: 2:40 link Pepe or Brucie? Impressionist Darren Farley picks his LFC Dream XI ... Video Length: 4:34 link