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  1. Well I don't remember how it was previously to loggin in, but today I've installed Win 7 on the new hard drive so I just have to do it again (login from the main page). And it was asking about risk pages, but in any case it could happened due my Windows firewall was off or maybe it's just some settings in FF really. Not a big problem though.
  2. It was ok with speed, but what I was trying to say is that Firefox twice asked about all that risk pages, sertificates and all that stuff, seems like it wont gonna let me in hah, but security questions is quite improtant and it's understandable, so a few more seconds or pages to go never hurt. Especially if it's not affect how forum's runs.
  3. I wasn't on the main page for ages and looks like all the graphical issues fixed (for me) and it also have been quite changed - good work! Also loggin in now have took a bit longer time and my Firefox seems to be kinda confused with all the new enhanced security system haha. Thank you for the updates!
  4. Ok, I see the reason. You might be right, despite there's some long posts (especially in video section), most quite short though. It would be nice if there will be an option to change it in the future, but yet again it's not the major issue you will upset with. Good feature with image elements as well. Thank you for the updates
  5. I see, there's show\hide additional option in profile now, but can I put this settings as it was before? I mean put that info 'always on' by default? And seems like forum now runs a little bit quicker.
  6. Assaidi: The first interview ... Our new signing Oussame Assaidi on why he signed for LFC Video Length: 9:15 link Academy ready for 2012-13 ... Enjoy a preview of the new Academy 2012-13 season Video Length: 3:02 link Inside Melwood: Season preview ... Our Inside Melwood season preview includes interviews with Joe Cole and Joe Allen Video Length: 22:02 link I know, I have been said it before and already asked you.. with English Premier League kick-off just around the corner it is time for Fantasy Football as well - I'm quite sure many of you tried it out or at least know about so it will be pretty awesome if you guys will join SoccerShouts FF league. There's just nothing to lose but you can get some fun anyway. And one more reason for you (LFC thread followers) is that who's already in the FF league are mostly Man United fans so you can compete with your beloved club's main rivals (: It's up to you of course, but if at least a few of you will join I'll be happy ^^ Time will end tomorrow (August 18) at 11:30 BST. SoccerShouts Fantasy Football thread. oh, and enjoy of course!
  7. 'Joe's raised our game' ... Jonjo Shelvey has explained how Joe Allen has raised the tempo at Melwood Video Length: 2:41 link 'Why I left Chelsea for Liverpool' ... New ladies manager Matt Beard on leaving Chelsea for Liverpool Video Length: 6:41 link
  8. Ngoo sinks Bray ... Michael Ngoo scores an amazing goal as the U21s beat Bray Video Length: 10:56 link Suso fires v Crusaders ... The best of the action from a Suso inspired win over Crusaders Video Length: 2:34 link
  9. Kelly on Sterling ... Martin Kelly talks to us about our 17-year-old winger Video Length: 2:40 link Joe Allen: The first interview ... Joe Allen on his move to Anfield Video Length: 6:43 link
  10. U18s v Forest: 10 mins ... The best of the action from a thrilling U18s pre-season clash v Notts Forest Video Length: 9:56 link Molby on Sterling chances ... Jan Molby on the first team claims of Raheem Sterling Video Length: 2:22 link
  11. Yeah, that was a 2 hard seasons for Big Andy, when everyone was more concentrated on money tag that actually a name.. Nice teaser, I mean it's quite short but I'm lookin' forward to see this full compilation so good luck with it mate Are you planing to do his Red career only or exactly the whole one from early years with Newcastle ?
  12. Reds in North America ... A documentary that brings you exclusive access to the LFC team on tour in North America Video Length: 48:42 part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 by the way, today's Leverkusen' game thread already up & runnig so go check it out... here
  13. young Morgan speaks like young Steven Gerrard haha, true Scouser (: Morgan's Anfield goal ... Adam Morgan on his first-team aims Video Length: 3:16 link
  14. I only have the full game but can provide you highlights from LFC TV. If you need normal highlights (11 mins) so it's completely free-to-watch on the official site so you can just click here and enjoy it. As for 40 mins watch, I'll upload it for you. Liverpool - Man City - 40 mins (extended highlights) part1 | part2 and I forgot Flanno was playin' that day, and playin' pretty good.. so here's some bonus^ LFCCTV: Flanagan v Man City link
  15. 3rd goal in 15 angles (Suarez' goal vs Norwich) link ... oh, and by the way, I re-uploaded his hat-trick because of that lag in the second goal (thanks to Captain Gerrard8 for mention it ).. I re capped it now with screen recorder so it's a little bit shorter but I did it with best possible quialtiy so hope it's ok. I changed that old post as well. Suarez' Norwich hat-trick link
  16. LFCCTV: Suarez v Norwich ... Enjoy Luis Suarez's best moments v Norwich link here you go
  17. Do you need all of these videos or just something in particular?
  18. U18s v Coventry: Highlights ... The best of the action from the U18s clash v Coventry Video Length: 11:00 link Morgan nets a corker ... Adam Morgan fires a superb goal as the U21s beat Rochdale Video Length: 2:30 link Brendan on Luis new deal ... Brendan Rodgers on Luis Suarez signing a new deal Video Length: 3:37 link Luis on his new LFC deal ... Luis Suarez on signing his new long-term deal with LFC Video Length: 3:43 link
  19. 60 Minutes with Craig Bellamy ... Video Length: 47:26 Enjoy an exclusive one-hour chat with our Welsh striker part1 | part2 | part3
  20. young beasts in action again (: and U21 league? Did I miss something? U18s v Rochdale: Highlights ... Highlights of the U18s friendly v Rochdale Video Length: 10:57 link Cooper on new Academy league ... Academy manager Steve Cooper on the new-look U18 and U21s league in 2012-13 Video Length: 2:41 link enjoy lads!
  21. young lads just can't stop scoring nice to see Rodolfo as well ! Suso sinks Terriers ... All the goals from the reserves and U18s Academy matches on Wednesday Video Length: 1:56 link Rodolfo on pre-season so far ... Rodolfo Borrell reflects on the friendly win over Huddersfield Video Length: 2:32 link enjoy!
  22. Fabio on life at LFC so far ... Fabio Borini on settling into life at Anfield so far Video Length: 3:27 link Boss on the Europa League ... Brendan Rodgers on the Europa League challenge this season Video Length: 3:34 link enjoy!
  23. Jonjo's final tour diary ... Jonjo Shelvey looks back on our tour of North America Video Length: 1:47 link I've added this part to the ' full edition' post, enjoy !
  24. Dunn sinks Leeds ... Highlights of the U18s win over Leeds United Video Length: 10:59 link enjoy!
  25. Forum's section named Miscellaneous contains all friendly Liverpool games, including this thread where you can find all related stuff to clash against AS Roma, as well as Adam' goal