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  1. @@Son Gohan, Reina's top 5 keepers video in the latest Inside Melwood episode Brendan pre-Mansfield press ... Brendan Rodgers speaks to the press ahead of our FA Cup 3rd round tie at Mansfield Town Video Length: 10:24 link
  2. Inside Melwood 2012-13: Ep 21 ... Sturridge, Reina and Fowler feature in the latest episode Video Length: 11:39 linkLFCCTV: Gerrard v SAFC ... We capture the best moments of Steven Gerrard v Sunderland Video Length: 3:17 link What a pass by Stevie for second Suarez' goal
  3. Sturridge: The first interview ... Daniel Sturridge speaks moments after signing for LFC Video Length: 6:35 link Ayre on Sturridge deal ... Ian Ayre reflects on the signing of Daniel Sturridge Video Length: 3:07 linkSturridge's Melwood tour ... Daniel Sturridge gets a tour of Melwood Video Length: 1:00 link
  4. Just make sure to get it in proper Chinese Tea shop or something, you need to know how to make it right and it's taste and effect different from age of the tea as well. A lot of reading but just to make you familiar with it.
  5. Well just believe me and give Pu-erh tea a try one day. I guarantee you'll forget what tiredness means for quite a while! It's one hell of tea
  6. Marsh on illness and QPR ... Mike Marsh reveals the extent of illnesses before QPR Video Length: 4:33 link
  7. He must really love that picture I guess Or just knew someone will confused with it!
  8. Just pretty much like me considering sleeping time, I manage to get some though already. And instead of coffee I would say try to Pu-erh tea, it's much healthy and make an absolute wake up for you especially if you never tried it before. I love it.
  9. Seems like most from SS up to stay at home and have some good chill time there, good choice me thinks.
  10. Makes sense then. How did yo know that?
  11. Happy New Year everyone! Well, if party at 'Count to 2013' doesn't count then I would say I chilled at home What about you?
  12. Updated QPR match thread, feel free to check it out & enjoy ! http://www.soccersho...12/#entry107861 Happy New year guys, let's think Red Bird will guide Mighty Liverpool to the great winning way, YNWA !! (:
  13. How is that possible 2 different default avatar's picture on the same theme skin ? ---> http://www.soccersho...ts/#entry107859
  14. Yeah, of course. Check out this thread ---> http://www.soccersho...a-vs-liverpool/ All the goals & highlights there
  15. 'They'll be a threat' ... Colin Pascoe previews our trip to Queens Park Rangers Video Length: 2:00 link
  16. Goal rush: QPR ... A selection of great Liverpool strikes against QPR Video Length: 1:53 link
  17. Inside Melwood 2012-13: Ep 20 ... Joe Allen features while Reds stars reflect on 2012 Video Length: 10:58 linkRodgers previews QPR clash ... Brendan Rodgers speaks to the press ahead of Sunday's fixture Video Length: 9:01 link
  18. lil' joy after Boxing Day frustration (: Boxing Day crackers ... A selection of the best Boxing Day goals for Liverpool Video Length: 3:46 link enjoy!
  19. Rodgers' Stoke preview ... Brendan Rodgers' pre-Stoke press conference Video Length: 17:24 link
  20. Updated Fulham's match thread - goals, highlights, analysis, reaction. Feel free to enjoy http://www.soccersho...12/#entry107042
  21. Inside Melwood 2012-13: Ep 19 ... In this week's edition of Inside Melwood we feature Lucas and some of the best moments of 2012 Video Length: 11:52 linkWisdom on fitness and Fulham ... Andre Wisdom on his fitness, Fulham and Christmas Video Length: 3:07 link Fulham's thread up & running, including goals fest http://www.soccersho...ek-18-22122012/
  22. Raheem's Joy Sterling on new contract ... Raheem Sterling on signing his new LFC contract Video Length: 3:45 linkThe best of Sterling so far ... Enjoy our montage of Raheem Sterling's 2012-13 season so far Video Length: 2:14 link enjoy!
  23. The Best Of... 2012 ... We pick 10 of the best LFC moments from 2012 Video Length: 3:06 link
  24. Villa match thread up & ready ---> http://www.soccersho...ek-17-15122012/