Video Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Video Forum Posting Rules

Updated June 2019


ss-yescheck.png Make a thread up to 20 minutes before a match started. No longer than this. Reserving posts ahead of time is not allowed.

ss-yescheck.png Name match threads similarly across the board so they are easier to find.

ss-yescheck.png Use the appropriate tags on your topic. This also makes them easy to find.

ss-yescheck.png Provide general information about videos when posting them; channel, language, quality, codec and resolution. (Example: Arabic\English -- H.264 -- MKV -- Al Jazeera Sports)

ss-yescheck.png Use the Spoiler tag where appropriate. Please put goals, scores, etc. behind these tags so as not to ruin things for others.

ss-yescheck.png Keep discussion of compilations friendly, no abusive language towards another member.

ss-yescheck.png Pay attention to threads marked with "Clips Only" or "No Spoilers". It means what it says. Other posts will be removed and may lead to a warning.


ss-nocheck.png Make a thread unless you have something to post regarding the match in question eg. pre-match comp, press conferences, interviews, etc.

ss-nocheck.png Make a thread if there is another similar thread. Add your post to the pre-existing thread.

ss-nocheck.png Reserve posts for mirrors. Post those when you have them available.

ss-nocheck.png Post link to sites that require registration.

ss-nocheck.png Mirror files to a host which has already been provided.

ss-nocheck.png Ask the members to follow a link to another forum or similar site for your videos.

ss-nocheck.png Post requests in video threads or the Shoutbox. Any requests posted outside of the Requests board will be deleted.

ss-nocheck.png Complain about hosts. Cappers have their own preferences for where they upload. We understand that you may not be able to access some cappers works without premium accounts. We have no control over this and complaints posted in video threads just get in the way.

Thanks & regards,

SoccerShouts Staff.