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Yes, I know that. I have friends from China, for example, who cannot use Internet correctly, as you said, and they have to use the firewal to overcome everything which is complete bullcrap and nonsense, considering we are living in a digital era of free will, so I understand you completely and that was the sole reason I was uploading stuff here. No worries, man, I know people come here to watch and support, and that is the main reason.



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Thank you very much.

Seeing you say this,

you are understanding my feelings.

I am almost moved to tears


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Also, by saying firewall, I meant the VPN or proxy of course :med-emb:


Happy New Year, fellow LFC supporters! it's almost the time and what a time that is - to celebrate at the top, not only with your loved club but with your friends, family and all the awesome people you surround yourself with! Much love!



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2 hours ago, Toño said:

Sure thing he did. I ain't gonna deny his work. What frustrates me, however, is how some of you quickly call a person a hero, legend, etc. Heroes are on the pitch, heroes are in the dressing room, heroes are people who work hard for their dreams and do meaningful things. We are not heroes, we just messengers, uploaders and maybe even stealers. We had that conversation with you and I never liked that word legend, although I can understand why you used it. 

What I don't like is the attitude. All those 'heroes' and praising just feel fake. It just doesn't connect and when I see how quickly you change your heroes I understand that if the new guy comes here, he will be your new 'hero' in no time. I'm sorry if that upsets you, but I just being honest with you. This job this Thai Gerrard guy does (I'm sorry, but he changed his names and accounts countless time so it doesn't make sense anymore for me ) it's not that hard, and I can tell because we do similar job. And it doesn't require that much time or even effort. To upload full match is the same as highlights if you have a good internet connection and assuming the speed he uploads, he definitely has it. So yes, it upsets me to see such behavior. And I have been here for like how long? I don't even remember. As you all know I don't even watch matches anymore and most of the LFC TV stuff is not really interested to me - I kept this account just because of you. I can look up goals on the internet, even Instagram posts them during the games so it's not that hard. And I have been sticking with this forum for years pretty much to try and be useful, to repay and give back as a thank you for people who did such things in the past. And what I see now just give me bad feeling.

I am sorry if that upsets you. But that's how I feel.

I also don't see the reason to upload here as Thai do it like it's his second job - I ain't gonna compete for the place and be the first, because I have my life to live and have other things to do. I did what I did because I knew that there are some people who need this stuff, who need those videos and that they cannot afford the subscription or just don't wanna do that for whatever reason. Some of you maybe don't even have access to this, I don't know. And so I did. I never asked for attention, for praise, for money, for even thank you (even though it was nice to get that thank you toni), and I always stayed here, even now, on an empty forum, because I felt I can do something good, just tiny bit of good, without asking anything back. 

Of course, I won't leave, not because of that at least ^_^ And even though there's not much need in moderation, there are people I consider friends so as far as I belong here I will be here, I guess. I just don't see the reason to upload anymore and compete to be fast and the first - it's quite pointless. And you have a consistent uploader now who can upload everything, as well for free, so that's good.

I still have an account though so if you need anything and there will be nobody to do that - feel free to ask. 


Peace and love!


Happy New Year, everyone ^^!

Sorry, I'm Vietnamese and I've been here since 2008.



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Inside Training: New Year's Day training under the floodlights


Watch as the Reds squad are put to the test for the first session of 2019.



Kop 10: Manchester City


Relive ten of Liverpool's most memorable Premier League matches against Manchester City.



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Aguero's blistering strike puts Man City in front


Man City's Sergio Aguero gets on the ball in the box and smashes a shot from a tight angle into the roof of the goal to make it 1-0 against Liverpool.



Firmino's diving header caps Liverpool's sequence


Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold sends a long cross into the box to Andy Robertson who hits a first-time volley to Roberto Firmino for a diving header to make it 1-1 against Man City.



Sane strikes shot off post and in for Man City


Man City's Leroy Sane gets the ball on the left side of the box and fires a shot off the post and in to give his side a 2-1 lead over Liverpool.


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