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Account Deletion Requests

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General Policy Update, April 2018

Registration is no longer required to view posts and links on the site. Therefore, we no longer need the old policy regarding accounts registered to access content and immediately requesting deletion.

To request an account deletion, please open a new with your delete request. Posting into an existing thread will almost certainly go unnoticed. Most deletion requests will be processed within 48 hours, but may take as long as one week. I am the only person who handles deletion requests, so if your account has not been deleted after a week, contact me directly through the messaging system. 

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Moving this to the Support forum as a pinned thread as that is where the deletion requests are posted.

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      Welcome 2015 

      First of all, Happy New Year! As we transition into 2015, I'd like to thank everyone who has been with us for your support and contributions. A forum survives only through activity, and your participation has made us a great place for video content. To those members who have just recently joined us, I welcome you and hope you enjoy our little community. 


      Free Subscriptions 

      To welcome the New Year, I'd like to offer anyone who is interested a free 60-day Premium subscription. All the same features as the paid subscription, and no payment info is required to take advantage. Just head over to the Subscriptions page and pick the Promo package. This promo will only be available on New Year's day, so grab it quickly. 


      Update: Of course our subscription wouldn't allow for free options. I'm working on something.


      Update 2: Alright, so the free subscription thing is doomed to failure. So I did the next best thing I could come up with at 3am. Instead of 60 days free, the offer will be 90 days of Premium for $1 US. But, if you want the 60 days free instead, I will totally honor that too, it just can't be done through the automated system. Just shoot me a PM and I can set it up for you. For new members, you still have to register and validate first, then send me the PM. You can also post the request here in this thread, it might take me a bit longer to spot than a PM though. This was supposed to be a January 1st only promo, but thanks to things not working as anticipated both offers will remain open until January 7. [EXPIRED]


      Forum Update 

      The company who produces the software this forum runs on has been hard at work on a major new version for some time now. A final version should become available in the early part of this year. I'm looking forward to the upgrade to bring new modern features that will enhance the site on both standard PC and mobile browsers. The version of the software we are running was originally released back in 2009. While there have been a number of small updates and lots of bug fixes along the way, this is still almost 6 year old software. 


      For SoccerShouts, I anticipate a third quarter roll out of this new software. I never upgrade right away as it gives the developers time to fix bugs and for themes and custom modifications to catch up. Later in the year I will share more details when I begin setting up the new software for testing. 


      The End of 

      Figured I might as well put this at the end, because most of you have no idea this even exists. was an experiment in creating our own URL shortener service for use exclusively for links on SoccerShouts. It works okay, but its use has been limited. Trying to open it up for wider use just meant lots of spam. I can't say I will be sad to see this one go. If you are using the Shorten URL link near the top of the forum, I'd advise using or The project will shut down in early March and will be removed from the forum even sooner. 


      tl;dr Happy New Year and thanks for being with us. Get 90 days of Premium for $1 on the subscriptions page. Big forum updates coming later this year. Stop using if you ever did in the first place.

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