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  1. Tagging is a powerful feature made available through the IP.Board framework that allows you to collect "tags" for submitted data, either through an ad-hoc system whereby the members provide tags at will, or through a closed system where the available tags are pre-defined. Even though users can provide tags at will but we still prefer to have them on at least the a set pattern so that is easier to find topics and getting things organized. If I click on an MOTD prefix or tag it leads me all the topics that have either MOTD as a prefix or tag. It makes you find the topic quicker. We recommend the following pattern for the tags to be used. Home Team,Away Team,EPL Week xx , DD/MM/20xx,ENG,20xx-xx We recommend using EPL Week xx because say if I click on EPL week 19 tag it will lead me to all the topics in the EPL Week 19 rather than all the Week 19 fixtures from various leagues. All the tags need to be separated by a ,(comma) when you are trying to add them. All the tags used get collected in an area and you can see them in the main page of our forum known as the Tag Cloud. The popular tags are more darker and bolder than others so you can use that as well to find topics. Rahul/TNB SS Staff Edit by frstplce on 12/14/2016: Updated to keep relevant with new forum version.