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  1. GoPro? Or Digital cameras in general. Dont think so they ll go out of fashion and manufacturing will stop. Smartphones are useful only for a few quick shots and people that like quality would always buy digital / action cameras.
  2. Another action camera, one might want to check out
  3. Realized today my organization is working with GoPro and responsible for providing them a lot of software enhancement and support. I'll have to figure something out for discounts now.
  4. I was glued to Blacklist for a couple of season but then just stopped watching it. May be sometimes watching all seasons in a row doesn't really let me enjoy the series. Watching homeland these days. About to finish season 5.
  5. What shows are you watching right now? I binged Narcos recently and waiting for season 3 now.
  6. Thanks. For some strange reason I was not able to find the air date anywhere.
  7. Anyone have an idea when Prison Break Season 5 is starting?
  8. @BVBfan1 Nice. I'll check it out then.
  9. Your call guys. I am done with this
  10. Na i had it with this topic. You guys carry on
  11. well this clearly didn't finish.
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