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  1. Digital cameras in general. I didn't even know what GoPro was (although I had heard the name before) until I looked it up on the internet just now. That's a relief. Ever since I had first heard of smartphones I assumed that smartphones had all the bells and whistles of the traditional standalone cameras.
  2. George Best: Greatest NASL Goal Ever.
  3. Two points in response: 1) The snow covered mountains are amazing just like the frozen ponds you see during the winter. 2) I have heard rumours that they may stop making standalone digital cameras. I hope such rumours are false. I have no interest in owning a smartphone and the last thing I want is to be forced to learn how to use one just so that I can take photographs.
  4. Let's just have a thread and call it Count to 18 by 2018. Counting to 18 is much easier than counting to 2018.
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  7. Liverpool defeated Crystal Palace on the road today.
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  9. Salt Lake City at Seattle Sounders,
  10. Home Alone 2, 8 out of ten. I would give it ten out of ten were it not for the over-the-top scenes in which the wet bandits were attacked by such things as bricks and fire. They really should have been attacked by sour milk and rotten eggs.