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  1. Sói Gerrard Thank you so much mate. Great work.
  2. Amazing. Thanks mate. Great win and first on the table. YNWA
  3. Was waiting for inside Anfield. Thank you tono.
  4. Thank you guys a milion times. Amazing work.
  5. Thank you guys.
  6. Thank you guys.
  7. Capricorn is there anywhere i can find full retro matches? Thank you for sharing.
  8. You are amazing Tono & Capricorn. I feel this season will be something special.
  9. Welcome back mate.
  10. So fast. Thank youuuu capricorn.
  11. Many thanks mate
  12. Thanks capricorn.
  13. Tono wish you all the best mate. Have a nice trip.
  14. Yes. Thank you Tono & Capricorn.
  15. Amazing thanks mate.