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  1. Excellent, Toño! Thank you very much.
  2. I'd be very grateful if anyone could post the highlights from the Bury 1-5 U18s game... Videos&listType=LIST-DEFAULT&_ga=2.109336901.1576585644.1551975517-1805763977.1500348652 Many thanks in advance!
  3. The "Premier League Rewind: Manchester United (a) 22.01.02" video is a great share, Gerrard. Unfortunately, it seems the audio goes out of sync at 3:18. Is this a problem with the original file, I wonder? (I've tried downloading it twice with the same result.) As always, many thanks to all the uploaders here. Superb job.
  4. Much appreciated, Sói Gerrard. Thankful for everything posted here...
  5. Thank you so much! Greatly appreciated.
  6. If anyone could post the LFC v Fulham game from November 2013, that would be great. Many thanks in advance for your efforts.
  7. Wonderful! Thank you so much, Sói Gerrard.
  8. Hi guys, Another request, if possible. The 11-minute highlights from the 2016 game between Arsenal and LFC: Many thanks in advance...
  9. That's amazing! Can't believe how quickly you provided that. Heartfelt thanks, Sói Gerrard!
  10. Hi guys, Would any of you be able to upload the 11 minute highlights from the LFC v Cardiff game on 21st Dec 2013? I think this is the link: I'd be most grateful!
  11. Thank you, guys. Great work, as always.
  12. Wonderful work, everyone. Everything you do is very much appreciated...
  13. If I've understood this correctly - and it was your birthday - then Happy Birthday Toño! Thanks for the weekly presents you give us!