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  1. La Gran Marató d'Abidal | Merci Éric A tribute to the bravest and mentally strongest sportsman ever. A man who fought and overcame cancer twice. Some of his best moments with the club can be found in this video, including his two comebacks at Camp Nou. Subcribe me on Youtube for more videos
  2. SS' design is getting better and better :D

    1. frstplce


      Glad you like the new look.

  3. David Silva vs Sunderland is up
  4. I'm Youtube partner now :D

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    2. BLACKinPARK


      How did you become a partner?

    3. VahanJan


      frstplce thank you

      BLACKinPARK there are some companies which help you to become partner.

    4. BLACKinPARK


      really happy for you, man ;)

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  8. Another injury for Puyol :(((

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