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  2. Inside Training: Reds prepare for Manchester United Watch as Jürgen Klopp's side are put through their paces at Melwood before Sunday's game against Manchester United.!XGg0HYZC!WyTJdT6O9etubftSp0VHrXYDT0vliItxjHKGz-uRjmM
  3. History of rivalry between Liverpool, Man United Liverpool v. Man United is one of the oldest and most intense rivalries in the Premier League.!vaxgXQAL!lScBLpOZTKSDNvpR2Nv_YZN_pHzjZdUU_ghbgN624sc
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  5. Salah stunner gives Reds the lead Mo Salah produces a world class finish to put the Reds in the lead against Napoli.!XDBGRKLS!TQ-L6S6gEtAbU0KYflMGYyLDl7IxPj4vYfmT_mFJGJ4 LFC 1-0 Napoli: 90 seconds Your bitesize highlights from Liverpool's narrow victory over Napoli in the Champions League.!7DJAWSqA!IUC37F1IUsXR4aTThwlDKRleOcQS43cMj7Q9TPCNDBc Alisson's amazing last-minute save Alisson Becker produces another incredible save in Liverpool's win over Napoli to ensure qualification to the knockout round.!rCA0iYwA!efHoOBdX0rBlKmx5oP4vjx_P_9wv0TLZT5hozcyZLZI 3 minutes of Van Dijk being boss against Napoli Watch Virgil van Dijk's best bits from his incredible performance in the Champions League win at home against Napoli.!SbJklQ7Z!PNwxN8fIV1p2tCFj-tbZmFV-PanPH8xjYjYLAX6Qo5M Inside Anfield: Liverpool 1-0 Napoli | Tunnel cam and more The unseen footage from the Anfield tunnel and beyond on another dramatic night of Champions League action at Anfield.!aWQ0SaxY!ut38S_5ElUsLhcUu0ZgFs6sMAtTy1WJpKVcwpjb0cmo
  6. Can you please upload Salah goal.
  7. thank you very much Gerrard
  8. Thanks very much ! my Gerrard !!
  9. LFC 1-0 Napoli: Highlights Watch as Liverpool edged past Napoli to qualify for the Champions League Last 16.!iDAnyaBT!du3YkFfEV6Az-qeEUAo4_EHRzXgetZTKU7d3fTGATT0
  10. Napoli pleaseeeee. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks very much ! ! ! You're my hero ! ! !
  12. That was fast. Thank you so much for everything. YNWA
  13. Salah reacts quickest to put Liverpool in front Watch as Mo Salah follows in from Roberto Firmino's shot to put the Reds ahead at Bournemouth.!HfQmSS6a!Bna43Gn9hiMVAdH9Yh5PsgkNNitnyjoIerSZlwrykBQ Salah goes it alone to make it 2-0 Mo Salah collects Roberto Firmino's pass before beating Nathan Ake and rolling the ball beyond the 'keeper.!Gepm0CTC!cN6-aDZNZG4VuTr8DpcdMBk3YsMIDQayVkdPp02PExg Robertson's cross is deflected in for an own goal Andy Robertson's ball in from the left wing is put past his own goalkeeper by Steve Cook.!iKhiEKaQ!Ej9xuj4qjVDvpGdhQf7BE3F48h4p-lzpkEyVBFdh078 Salah's superb solo goal seals a hat-trick Mo Salah keeps composed under pressure to complete his hat-trick and gives the Reds all three points at Bournemouth.!zOY0xIpI!WrMV6mp7jGBFoGEjMh8DiRY3HV1_nu2pK_HcK23Iaok The best of Salah's starring role at Bournemouth Take a closer look at Mo Salah's match-winning performance for Liverpool at the Vitality Stadium.!uWI0kAyI!YdoBk07ZmKe5aoSlQTS_tF2ywkF4p9DtlknO0lPSAsk Naby delivers a double nutmeg Watch as the Reds midfielder beats two players with a nutmeg early in the Premier League clash at the Vitality Stadium.!6Dpi0ChT!cAI_9ESIj58gcIbVobyIV1G6LBgnWmMNY3FWFeGucUc Alisson's incredible defensive header Watch as the Reds keeper executes a fantastic header from James Milner's miscued clerance.!OG5ynQ7D!WbI0u1lXESDxjT6CRa0NT1CXcGABBjEkhT80OBBomgc Bournemouth 0-4 LFC: 90 Seconds Watch key highlights from the Reds' convincing win at the Vitality Stadium.!OPggRQKK!OzT-LDR5OsTGHvGOnqdOMS48OilqFnkdnME-KfwXDrE Bournemouth 0-4 LFC: Highlights Watch extended highlights from the Vitality Stadium as the Reds scored a 4-0 victory at Bournemouth.!HPRwlKAK!b-j27A5gTME7WogJkrxjSHOUDcUSBGjPdmeiPZ5NYcg Full Match: Bournemouth v LFC Watch all 90 minutes from the Reds' victory at the Vitality Stadium. ...
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  16. thank you very much Gerrard very appreciated
  17. Burnley v LFC:!zeoSjKwS!Cj1vBR29_K0zWVvi63aTYg
  18. Yes please Burnley goals and highlights. Thanks in advance.
  19. Burnley VS liverpool Highlights please! Thanks very nmuch ! ! !
  20. Much appreciated, Sói Gerrard. Thankful for everything posted here...
  21. Thanks Sói Gerrard please keep give us videos Thanks very much
  22. Thank youuuu Soiiii
  23. PSG v LFC:!KG5WFCZR!eOlAkQzEDYXWQfwLP87uew LFC v Everton:!6G4CGYBK!HCofB_UklqsvtCjIKiBC6g
  24. 基督徒和西方的死亡宣告弥赛亚的到来
  25. @Sói Gerrard please give us some new videos, Thanks very much ! ! !
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